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Archive for September 2019

Dermal fillers for men

Botox has been acceptable for men and women alike for at least a decade now. Filler for men has taken a little longer to filter down. Both, I’m pleased to say, are now as normal as having your hair cut.   Filler for men is more effective in my opinion, as lines and movement are more…

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Striking a balance with Botox and fillers

Maintaining and enhancing a youthful appearance is both a physical and mental balancing act. Physically, respecting your individual features, and being realistic about what is achievable, is crucial. As is the need for synchrony in the face. Dedicated decades of Botox in the brow may leave you with the upper face of a 27-year-old, but…

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Finding a good injector

The injectables marketplace is saturated and finding a practitioner can be hard. Word of mouth recommendations are best, but if you’re discreetly seeking out a first-time experience, what should you look for? Qualifications – to practice independently in injectables you have to be a registered nurse-prescriber, a dentist or a doctor. If you can’t prescribe…

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It’s all in the eyes…

THE BEST AESTHETIC TREATMENT FOR UNDER EYE WRINKLES Nothing ages us more than the eyes. Having wrinkles and dark circles makes us look tired and frazzled. Rejuvenation of the eyes is a vital component in a fresh-faced look. They are our main means of communicating with each other and, whilst we want to look soft…

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