2022…Here’s looking at yoooou…


Christmas cheer is most definitely here. Looo-aaads of you are away for the festivities – The Maldives, Miami, The Galapagos, Ghana, Colorado, Barbados, Austria, France, and Switzerland. I’ve loved hearing about where you’re headed. It’s the first-time things seem “normal” in forever, and I wish you all the most amazing time.


I really appreciate all the friends and family that you’ve sent my way this year – expanding a likeminded cohort that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed meeting and treating.


Considering that everything has gone up in price, it’s my pleasure to double my “Refer a friend” credit. You will now receive £100 on your account, for every referral treated.


A massive thank you also for your help with our unique charity, the amazing Flying Seagull Project.  We’ve been patrons for 7 years now. For every £100 you spend we donate £2 to their work on the frontlines, with displaced children. I still can’t watch this video without sobbing. If they needed us then, they sure as hell need us now.

However bad things can sometimes seem, remember that we are the lucky ones, and the ones who can help.



Looking back on the year, it’s interesting to note the trends in treatments. The top three are as follows…


1)   Filler to the hairline – lifting from behind the hairline for an overall “pinning” of the midface. A subtle and effective cheek lift that nobody, but you, will notice.

2)   Lip refresh– Reviving the mouth area – or “The cat’s A’hole”-  as several of you have coined.

3)   Aqualyx – Permanently dissolving the double chin is worth the downtime. Maybe it’s the ability to wear polo necks in Autumn/winter, but Aqualyx has proved particularly popular in the ascent to Christmas.
Christmas Opening Hours:

I break up for Christmas after clinic today, 23rd December.  I have one day between Christmas and new year (27th December) in Englefield Green, Surrey,  and will be back in Harley Street on Wednesday, 4th January 2023!!


I’m so sorry for those of you who’ve been unable to see me on this side. The White Christmas landed a tad too early, but I look forward to seeing you in the New Year…


Merry, merry, MERRY Christmas.

May all your stockings be stuffed and your sugar plums sparkle.

Peace out


Lucy XxX

Festive Recommendations


Watch: The White Lotus, second series (Sky) I recommended this the first time around and was unsure that the second series could top the first. How wrong I was. Delicious, delightful debauchery with the most beautiful backdrop. Binge watching in front of the fire. For those of you who haven’t watched it, I’m jealous. (Thank you for everything, Mr F. – you were robbed btw; you’d make a much better villain!)


Don’t watch: SpiritedRyan Reynolds and Will Ferrel (Apple TV). I had such high hopes for this one, being a big fan of The Reynolds and a long-time lover of Elf! It’s a bloody musical. Why? They keep bursting into overenthusiastic song and dance. Again why? If musicals are your thing, you’ll enjoy it, but as a musical disapprover, it’s getting a firm “meh” from me.


Read: The Secret History, Donna Taart. The snowy setting of Vermont is a revisit for me, but actually even better than I remembered. The depraved behaviour of the elite Greek class leads to deadly consequences. So well written. Just ensure you’re topping up the SPF should you become captivated when on the beach or mountain side.


Listen: Frozen on Fire – Madonna, Sickick. Not festive beyond the title, but the distortion of sound does give me an odd jingle inside. My mind isn’t made up on the current version of Madonna, but I do like this musical reinvention. (Shout out to Lady P.)


Wear: If you want a pair of awesome boots look no further than the amazing Air and Grace. I have some absolute corkers; comfy as can be, exceptionally well made and super stylish. (Shout out to Lady B)