About Lucy

About Lucy Banks – Advanced Medical Aesthetics

I am a registered independent nurse prescriber and have been practicing in non-surgical cosmetics for the last 10 years.

I have worked with the leading lights of the industry, practicing  all over the UK, perfecting my craft over thousands of treatments. I have a loyal, international, patient base, working with people of all ages and demographics.  I have also helped deliver training for the leading non-surgical manufacturers.

Injecting is an art form and a process I enjoy on a daily basis. Knowing how the face can be brightened and beautified and the light touch this requires, fills me with delight. I relish every consultation and treatment because I know what a positive effect it has on a person. I also value the interaction and opinions of the different people I meet.

I regularly attend industry masterclasses and observe many facial, surgical procedures carried out by my mentor, and highly acclaimed facial surgeon, Dominic Bray. This aids my 3D understanding of facial anatomy, the correct non-surgical techniques and highly specific placement of product.

I have worked in Harley Street for the last five years, treating everyone from celebrities to home county housewives, with plenty of professional ladies and gents in the middle.

Now, with two young sons on board, I choose to practice locally for part of the week, delivering my services in South West London. Harley Street is my home for the rest of the week, serving those who find a central London location more convenient.

The delicious Robin Wright coined the phrase “sprinkles” and when it comes to Botox and fillers, there couldn’t be a more perfect description. It not only describes the light touches used but the literal, magic effect they have. First timers are consistently blown away, and yes, Robin Wright is right! Everyone does it. It’s only the mad, bad and frankly terrifying cases that are in the public consciousness. For all the good and expertly blended ones, you simply wouldn’t know.

My work is collaborative and conservative in the first instance, being of the “less is more” school. I am supported by my wonderful PA, Rai (pronounced Ray- and she is a ray of sunshine!) and you can be in direct contact with me quickly. You will have my undivided attention and consideration, throughout the treatment process and as a patient under my ongoing care. I am here to listen, advise, educate and support you through your treatment journey. From our first chat to any after thoughts, questions and your care going forward, your wellbeing and satisfaction is paramount to me.

Consultation: £50 – redeemable against treatment.

I am forever grateful to have landed in a safe and civilized part of the planet and thank my lucky stars for the freedom and comfort so easily taken for granted. As such I support, and so admire, the incredible work of The Flying Seagull Project who help to bring light to the many children of the world who find themselves in very dark and dangerous places.