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Lucy is an independent nurse prescriber who has been practicing in non-surgical cosmetics for 14 years. She is renowned for her micro interventions, or “sprinkles” (as they're affectionately known) of non surgical magic, to keep you looking, and in touch with, you.
"I want you to be happy when you look in the mirror, recognising and loving the image reflected back to you. It is really difficult to watch negative emotions creep in as we age and see the contours of our face change. It is my job to keep the face soft and supported with your features shown off in their best light .  I do this through prevention of lines and loss of volume together with natural looking enhancements.

I love faces and injecting is an art-form I relish. Observing an individual's features and character and looking at what to soften, what to highlight and what to maintain, is a fascinating puzzle. I am dedicated to achieving the best I can for my patients as I know what a positive effect it has on wellbeing. I very much value the consultation and education aspect of my work and get a lot out of the interactions and life experiences of the variety of people I get to meet."

Lucy has worked with the leading lights of the industry, practicing across the UK, perfecting her craft over thousands of treatments. She has a loyal, international following, working with people of all ages and demographics. Lucy has also helped deliver training for the leading non-surgical manufacturers.
She regularly attends masterclasses to keep her skills at the highest level and observes facial, surgical procedures carried out by her mentor, and highly acclaimed facial surgeon, Dominic Bray. This aids a 3D understanding of facial anatomy, the correct non-surgical techniques and highly specific placement of product.
Lucy has worked in Harley Street for the last 9 years, treating everyone from celebrities to full time mums, with plenty of professional ladies and gents in the middle. She has more recently set up a highly discrete and relaxing clinic in the beautiful setting of Englefield Green, near Egham in Surrey.

The delicious Robin Wright coined the phrase “sprinkles” and when it comes to Botox and fillers, there couldn’t be a more perfect description. It not only describes the light touches used but the literal, magic effect they have. First timers are consistently blown away, and yes, Robin Wright is right! Everyone does it. It’s only the mad, bad and frankly terrifying cases that are in the public consciousness. For all the good and expertly blended ones, you simply wouldn’t know.
Lucy's work is collaborative and conservative in the first instance, being of the “less is more” school and you can always be in direct contact with her quickly.
"I promise you my undivided attention and consideration, throughout the consultation and treatment process. I am here to listen, advise, educate and support you. From our first chat to any after thoughts, questions and your care going forward, your wellbeing and satisfaction are paramount to me."
Best advice on craft: "Do a good job and care about what you do." Dominic Bray.
Favourite Quotes:
: "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right." Henry Ford.
: "We only walk this way once", Unknown.

: "Life is mostly froth and bubble, two things stand alone. Kindness in another's trouble. Courage on your own," Adam Lindsay Gordon.


Saffron is the Practice Manager for Lucy Banks. She brings a multitude of skills to manage the practice with efficiency and care. She ensures the patient journey is smooth, well informed and supported at every step of the way.

Saffron has been honing her organisational skills over her career from Paris to London and now, delightful Dorking! Having worked in the financial district in the centre of Paris for many years in both marketing and PA roles, Saffron returned to the UK 16 years ago ready for a new challenge. Juggling babies, her own property refurbs and admin roles for small businesses she sharpened her enthusiasm for organisation and structure.

Extremely personable, Saffron relishes the diversity of daily client calls and answering any questions that arise. She delights in speaking with patients and hearing the different life experiences and news and finds medical aesthetics a fascinating and inspiring arena.

Saffron works with a first-class team of web and app designers, a Queen of branding and a fabulous photographer to bring the best to the business and the Lucy Banks brand.

When considering a role Saffron must wholeheartedly believe in the people she works with and enjoy the role. Having got to know the business, the patients and the ethical framework of Lucy Banks, these are two major ticks.

Saffron believes in positivity, the law of attraction and happiness.

There are several mantras often heard from Saffron’s corner:

“It’ll be fine, it’ll be fine” being the most frequent! Never ruffled, she firmly believes that you simply need to breathe through it and there will always be a solution.

"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no-one ever come to you without leaving happier." - Mother Theresa.

"If life were predictable it would cease to be life and be without flavour." - Eleanor Roosevelt.

“Everything is fixable – I just need to know the whole picture”. – Saffron!

Consultation fee: £150 (£100 redeemable against treatment)


We are incredibly proud to support the Flying Seagull Project.

For every £100 spent, £2 goes towards supporting this incredible charity, bringing confidence and joy to the children who need it most.