About Lucy Banks


Lucy is an independent nurse prescriber who has been practicing in non-surgical cosmetics for 15 years. She is renowned for her micro interventions (or "tweakments" as they've come to be known).

"It is hard to watch the signs of negative emotions creep on to the face with the passing of time and the stresses and strains that life may present. Looking tried, sad or angry has a significant effect on how you feel and the way that you move through life.

It is my job to keep the face light, supported and soft, illuminating your best features. I do this through the prevention (or softening) of shadows and lines, and sculpting natural contours and crisp definition.

Injecting is an art-form. We all have our unique features and character to be observed. The artistry and skill to it, is in seeing what, and knowing how, to highlight, soften and maintain your best features, illuminating the face in a perfectly imperfect way.

I am dedicated to achieving the best I can for my patients, as I know what a positive effect it has on wellbeing. I value the consultation and education aspects of my work and get a lot out of the interactions from the variety of people that I meet."

Lucy has worked with the leading lights of the industry, practicing across the UK, perfecting her craft over thousands of treatments. She has a loyal, international following, working with all ages and demographics.

Lucy has helped deliver training for the leading non-surgical manufacturers and regularly attends masterclasses, to keep her skills at the highest level. She observes facial, surgical procedures carried out by one of her past mentors, and highly acclaimed facial surgeon, Dominic Bray.

Working with some of the biggest non-surgical clinics, before practicing independently, Lucy has been in Harley Street for the last 9 years. She treats a wealth of people, with one common denominator: LESS IS MORE. Her work is collaborative and conservative, taking time to "see" and understand exactly what works for each patient.

She has more recently set up an intimate and highly discrete clinic in the beautiful setting of Englefield Green in Surrey.

Best advice on craft: "Do a good job and care about what you do." Dominic Bray.

Favourite Quotes:
: "Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right." Henry Ford.

: "We only walk this way once", Unknown.

: "Life is mostly froth and bubble, two things stand alone. Kindness in another's trouble. Courage on your own," Adam Lindsay Gordon.

New Patient Consultation fee: £100



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