Please feel free to book your New Patient Consultation here

Select "New Patient Consultation" from the menu. If you are keen to go ahead with a specific procedure, please contact us on 07917 693 699 / so  that we can furnish you with all the right help and information, answer any questions, and ensure that we schedule plenty of time for your chosen procedure.

I believe in a personalised approach, so I offer a face-to-face consultation, lasting about 30 minutes. This provides the opportunity to get to know you, to understand your individual needs and aesthetic and to establish the best programme going forward. Many of my patients come to me because they want to enhance, correct or augment something that has a visual impact on how they feel about themselves, or how others perceive them. It stands to reason that my expert visual assessment and diagnosis should be part of that process.

The fine details of how I see things and how you want them to be cannot be fully identified and described in an online form or photograph. New Patient consultations are £100 and do not commit you to a procedure. The face-to-face assessment will benefit you by giving you a clearer understanding of how aesthetic cosmetics can benefit you and what your specific indications and non surgical interventions are, highlighting and maintaining your best features.