Ascending to Autumn

It’s hard to know where to start isn’t it? This year has fer-lown and there’s so much to take in.

I suppose we could start with the end of the school/summer holidays.

With two young bucks in tow, I was concerned for the juggle and jumble of many child-filled weeks. Then, just like that – “pop” – it’s over.  This seems to be the way of world at the moment – time ebbing and flowing so differently. Suspended and on fast forward, all at once. Weird, and I am subsequently, what I term, “time blind” as a result.

The country has steadied itself somewhat for now.
How is everyone feeling about “the bit after Freedom Day?” Is there some sense of normality or still an edge of impending doom? I’m undecided BUT in a good space, thanks, in part to an eventful staycation in Cornwall, and massively down to the ongoing interactions with your good selves.

Since returning from my holiday I have been blessed by your own stories of summer and gauged a generally hopeful state of mind. The big silver lining shared in The Treatment Chair, is the working from home element. Whilst many have returned to the office part time (equally important), having the option of flexible home working is certainly embraced as a plus. It allows life to run a little smoother with more time together.  I definitely come down on the side of this being a blessing, respecting the chaos of the scenario surrounding it.

So, what’s hot as we ascend into Autumn?
The good news is that you can do all the treatments that Summer prohibits to get your skin in tip top shape. Smooth texture, even tone and generally luminous. I know from personal experience, that, with an element of downtime for the payoff, it puts a definite spring in your step when you have a healthy glow about you.

So how do we get there?
Peels is the first go to. As many of you know, we introduced the VIPeel system last year – I think it was last year  – there goes that time blindness! Having tried and tested many a peel, the VIP system trumps the others. Why? Because it’s predictable and effective.
There’s a choice of peels within the range. From Purify, for those afflicted with “M’acne” -mask acne – or generally suffering from break outs, to removing hyperpigmentation – the brown splodges, or just a general refresh, dissolving the old skin and making way for the new.

Cost: From £275 – £395 per peel
Course: 2 – 3, 6 weeks apart
Downtime: Immediately afterwards you look fake-tanned. On average, peeling begins on day 3 and continues for up to 7 days. Depending on damage, it’s usually more flaky than full on.

Blitzing crepey skin and fine lines.
Dial it up to skin resurfacing if you really want to go for it. The hottest of interventions literally!

Tixel transmits 400 degrees of heat into the skin via a little plinth with titanium tips, on a handpiece that I control. This comes into contact with the skin, overlapping slightly in 1cm squares, to blitz old, dead skin and regenerate new, fresh skin.

How strong the treatment is may be controlled by parameters of time in contact with the skin, and the depth to which the titanium tips penetrate. I always think, if you’re going to go for it, go for it! You will need to build in some downtime anyway, so you may as well make it worthwhile for the best results.

Tixel can be used on and around the eyes, right up to the lash lines, for tightening crepey skin. As time and treatments have ticked on, I now provide a local anaesthetic block (injected) for the more sensitive areas.

Cost: Between £400 for small areas (eyes and under chins for example) to £850 for face and neck, elbows and knees.
Course: 3 treatments, 4 – 6 weeks apart. No serious sun exposure (Tropical or on the slopes) for 9 weeks post completion of course.
Downtime: 7 days, anywhere from red and dry, to swelling and micro scabbing, depending on strength of treatment and, of course, your skin.

This is also the time of year you can marinade yourself in medical grade products, resolving and controlling pigmentation, acne and regenerating the skin. You know our go-to is prescription strength tretinoin for ageing and we have a great range of medical grade skincare to keep your skin in check overall. Easy to weave into consults and catch ups so if you have skin concerns, just ask.

Top tips for entertainment:

Read: Where the Crawdabs SingThank you Lady S.
Lordy, I’m speechless with this one really. SO beautiful. Heart breaking, inspiring and so skilfully written. I chose the audio, which brought the book to life as the narrator executes the southern drawl of the protagonist to perfection. One of the greats for me.

Watch: Woman in the window.  Amy Adams, Gary Oldman and the impossibly gorgeous Julileann Moore star in this unnerving thriller.
Caveat, you may want a partner to watch this as it’s a tad….troubling. For the thrill seekers – Thank you Lady A.

Nine perfect strangers. Nicole Kidman has found the perfect role here. You’ll know what I mean if you catch this highly watchable and engaging series. Thank you Lady H.

The White Lotus – Dysfunctional staff taking care of dysfunctional guests on a salubrious resort in Hawaii. What could go wrong? Thank you Mr R.

Listen: “I’m his girl” by Friends, heavy and light all at once
Or, if you’re in the mood for some chunky house, give “Glue” by Bicep a go.
I’m off to the gig next Friday for something different to do…

Have a wonderful week. You know where we are.