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Posts by lucybanks

Finding a good injector

The injectables marketplace is saturated and finding a practitioner can be hard. Word of mouth recommendations are best, but if you’re discreetly seeking out a first-time experience, what should you look for? Qualifications – to practice independently in injectables you have to be a registered nurse-prescriber, a dentist or a doctor. If you can’t prescribe…

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It’s all in the eyes…

THE BEST AESTHETIC TREATMENT FOR UNDER EYE WRINKLES Nothing ages us more than the eyes. Having wrinkles and dark circles makes us look tired and frazzled. Rejuvenation of the eyes is a vital component in a fresh-faced look. They are our main means of communicating with each other and, whilst we want to look soft…

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Dark circles and tear troughs

It’s fine if you have an air of well-earned exhaustion from a night on the tiles. When you’ve abstained from indulging, however, drunk plenty of water and had ten hours beauty sleep,

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Simple success with Microneedling

Collagen is a structural protein found in large amounts in the skin. Its fibres form a supporting mesh that is responsible for the skin’s youthful characteristics, such as strength, texture and resilience. As we age, the skin’s ability to replace damaged collagen with fresh collagen diminishes, with more gaps and irregularities developing in the collagen…

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Lip Detail

Ladies have been drawing attention to their lips since the beginning of written history. From the crushed jewels adornments of Nefertiti’s lips to Marilyn’s smouldering gloss;

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Befriend the ageing process!

A guide to the stages of ageing and the non-surgical support we can utilise. Ageing is unavoidable but, as non-surgical magician to the A-listers, Mauricio de Maio, says “Beauty in youth is a freak of nature. Beauty in maturity is a work of art”.

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