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The power of supplements  

How to get ahead in “healthy” When you’re juggling life’s logistics and/or sedentary in front of your laptop. Don’t always sleep well, are stressing about who needs what-when (NOOOOWWWW) and enjoying a few indulgences to decompress. It’s hard to sustain a healthy diet and existence.   Ongoing, this adds up to premature aging, a less…

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Get your glow on

The importance of skin quality   In the overall package of youth and beauty, a healthy complexion is paramount. The current – fingers crossed – overdone Instagram craze is bonkers. So, once a sensible scaffold of support is in place with traditional fillers, investment should be directed into a glowing complexion. This is either to…

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Dermal fillers for men

Botox has been acceptable for men and women alike for at least a decade now. Filler for men has taken a little longer to filter down. Both, I’m pleased to say, are now as normal as having your hair cut.   Filler for men is more effective in my opinion, as lines and movement are more…

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Striking a balance with Botox and fillers

Maintaining and enhancing a youthful appearance is both a physical and mental balancing act. Physically, respecting your individual features, and being realistic about what is achievable, is crucial. As is the need for synchrony in the face. Dedicated decades of Botox in the brow may leave you with the upper face of a 27-year-old, but…

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Finding a good injector

The injectables marketplace is saturated and finding a practitioner can be hard. Word of mouth recommendations are best, but if you’re discreetly seeking out a first-time experience, what should you look for? Qualifications – to practice independently in injectables you have to be a registered nurse-prescriber, a dentist or a doctor. If you can’t prescribe…

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It’s all in the eyes…

THE BEST AESTHETIC TREATMENT FOR UNDER EYE WRINKLES Nothing ages us more than the eyes. Having wrinkles and dark circles makes us look tired and frazzled. Rejuvenation of the eyes is a vital component in a fresh-faced look. They are our main means of communicating with each other and, whilst we want to look soft…

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Setting a beautiful tone with Tixel

Introducing skin-resurfacing for maximum impact with minimal downtime. A healthy complexion goes such a long way in the overall impression of youth and beauty. Tixel is a wonderful way to maintain fresh-faced appeal by achieving smoother, tighter and healthier skin. There is minimal downtime or discomfort, and no needles involved. The Tixel comes as a…

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Go-Go Pro-fhi-lo

Fresh-Faced-Genius!             When a “new” product is introduced, my resting stance is often a tad cynical. I have my favourites, chosen over the years for giving consistently good results for specific indications. Fanfare surrounding new releases tends to pass me by. However, I kept hearing about how good Profhilo was,…

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Prevention is better than cure

The two women featured in these photographs (Kelly le Brock and Nigella Lawson) are the same age (57). Both exceptionally beautiful in their prime, the different ways in which they have aged is significant. Admittedly genes play a part but it’s clear that looking after yourself in your earlier years has an enormous effect on…

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Here’s to the weird and wonderful…

“The world would be a boring place if we were all the same”. In our quest for beauty, it’s important to remember that our quirks are what make us all the more beautiful. The golden ratio of Phi (and the rules of facial thirds and fifths) are great as an overall guide, but true beauty comes…

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Self(ie) Sabotage?

In my nine years as an injector my demographic has changed considerably. Whereas I used to see women north of 50, I am now seeing an increasing amount of ladies and gents in their early to mid 20s. Whilst I am all for prevention and beautification of the face, I am increasingly saddened by the…

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Dark circles and tear troughs

It’s fine if you have an air of well-earned exhaustion from a night on the tiles. When you’ve abstained from indulging, however, drunk plenty of water and had ten hours beauty sleep,

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Simple success with Microneedling

Collagen is a structural protein found in large amounts in the skin. Its fibres form a supporting mesh that is responsible for the skin’s youthful characteristics, such as strength, texture and resilience. As we age, the skin’s ability to replace damaged collagen with fresh collagen diminishes, with more gaps and irregularities developing in the collagen…

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Lip Detail

Ladies have been drawing attention to their lips since the beginning of written history. From the crushed jewels adornments of Nefertiti’s lips to Marilyn’s smouldering gloss;

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Befriend the ageing process!

A guide to the stages of ageing and the non-surgical support we can utilise. Ageing is unavoidable but, as non-surgical magician to the A-listers, Mauricio de Maio, says “Beauty in youth is a freak of nature. Beauty in maturity is a work of art”.

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