Go-Go Pro-fhi-lo








When a “new” product is introduced, my resting stance is often a tad cynical.

I have my favourites, chosen over the years for giving consistently good results for specific indications. Fanfare surrounding new releases tends to pass me by.

However, I kept hearing about how good Profhilo was, from a myriad of sources, over a long time. It appeared that it hadn’t launched and petered out, but instead become increasingly popular with real people.  Then a dear patient pushed me to get some to inject their neck. Thus, my love affair with Profhilo was born.

Since that point, somewhere in the middle of last year, I have been using it with gusto on necks, faces, décolletages, hands, arms (and bums!!) with ever pleasing results. It is a subtle but definite improvement to the tone, texture and overall quality of the skin. A lovely little pick-me-up.

When injected, Profhilo spreads like honey to a 2cm radius, revitalising the skin with hydration whilst stimulating fresh collagen production, over the course of three-to-four weeks. You then have a second treatment (some a third at another month) and then you’re good for another four-to-six, to sustain results.

When on holiday recently, I was rudely awakened by my 2-year old every morning at 5.00am. (One too many skylights for my liking!) Rather than looking like the gnarly old vampire I felt, come mid-morning, I was her clear faced counterpart with a luminosity I don’t think I’ve experienced before.

If I needed any more convincing, that had to be it. It now reigns with my other master products as a pro addition to the skin quality arena.  It won aesthetic innovation of the year too, and rightfully so.

The proof is in the pudding!