Hairline filler – A lift from above

There are many things pitched to the aesthetic practitioner, but it’s quite rare that something sticks as an original product or technique.

When I trained in the technique of hairline filler last year, it struck me as a winner.

By carefully injecting anchors of select hyaluronic acid filler in the hairline, a subtle but effective lift is achieved. If you follow the vector of the cheekbone, back into the hairline, you can establish the results you are seeking. It works well above to temperal hollow also.

The best bit about it, is that nobody would ever guess. It’s done under local anaesthetic, so, beyond a sense of pressure and a mildly odd sensation, there’s no pain to speak of.

Importantly, any volume loss in the upper cheeks needs to be subtly blended as well, making for a confluent trajectory and ever-so-subtle upwards contour. This has become a firm favourite amongst patients seeking a natural enhancement.

Treatment time: 30 – 45 minutes
Fee: £1,000 – £1,300
Maintenance: 9 – 12 months