Here’s to the weird and wonderful…

“The world would be a boring place if we were all the same”.

In our quest for beauty, it’s important to remember that our quirks are what make us all the more beautiful.

The golden ratio of Phi (and the rules of facial thirds and fifths) are great as an overall guide, but true beauty comes from people’s character and quirks.

In the right-hand photo, Renée Zellweger is geometrically perfect. Taken in isolation, she’s a beautiful woman. However, taken in comparison to the Bridget Jones we all knew and loved on the left, for most of us, it was a downgrade. Where had those beautiful Inuit eyes gone? She just didn’t look like her charismatic self anymore, so her beauty, to a large extent, had gone.

A good friend and I played the left side right side game recently, where you cover one side of your face and then the other. My “good side” (the one I consider more symmetrical) is the one she thought prettier, but my “bad side” (a little off kilter) was the one she wanted to go out on the town with.

I love making the little shifts and tweaks that bring out the potential in a face. However, changing something of beauty, even though a little quirky, to make it into standardised “beauty”, is totally off the mark.