How to rejuvenate a crepey neck with Botox, fillers and resurfacing tricks…

It’s usual for the face to be prioritised when it comes to nonsurgical procedures. Frown lines, crowsfeet, tear-troughs and so on. That is, until the aging process starts showing up and leaving tell-tale signs on the neck, setting the two distinct areas out of sync and somewhat giving the game away.  (NB: Another area that belies a youthful face is the hands – see Valentine’s hand jobs).


There are several factors at play with an aging neck. One of the major offenders is the quality of the skin as the tissue thins and has undergone years of UV exposure. This leads to a crepey looking neck with some more pronounced, sometimes crosshatched, lines the longer left unattended to.


Below the skin is the fat layer and this may accumulate and be redistributed to create a double chin and undulations. We also have the platysma muscle, which becomes lax, particularly with the increasing amount of time we spend looking down at our screens. Added to the laxity the sheet of platysma is a depressor (downward pulling) muscle, which can result in neck bands.


So that leaves us with:

Skin quality

  • Medical grade peels to even out skin tone and stimulate collagen Microneedling to stimulate collagen and elastin
  • Hydration – namely Profhilo to remodel the skin
  • Prescription Retinol (Vitamin A) and SPF is obviously a no brainer!


  • Filler – a more stable hyaluronic acid to plump and soften more ingrained/chained lines.


  • Aqualyx the “flab jab” to dissolve a double chin


  • Tixel – to tighten remove the crepe and encourage tightening by resurfacing the area

Neck bands

  • Botox to rest those bad boy bands and encourage a subtle lift



As ever, it’s best to intervene at a preventative time, when the first signs start to appear, rather than leave it to a point where surgery would be the best intervention.