Lighten up



With my favourite festival almost upon us (Did you know that Halloween hails from Ireland?) I thought it appropriate to talk about what to do with the shadows of the face.

The number one reason patients present to me is to address, or prevent, negative emotional signs, created by the shadows that creep on to our faces, with dynamic movement and volume loss. The angry/mean brow, the sad eyes and mouth, the overall appearance of being tired and generally a little frayed.

These unfavourable features are not our fault, nor an accurate reflection of how we feel, and generally add to feelings of being tired and pissed off.

The good news is that they are treatable/preventable with the careful use of filler across key points of the face, anchoring supporting, and, effectively, blurring the shadows. It’s all about the light bounce.


The Shadow Hall-of-fame –

– From top to bottom…

Temple hollows/shadows

= Gaunt/bony orbit with a dropped tail of the eyebrow and downturn on the eyes.

A groove/shadow under the eye / “Tear trough”

= You look tired.

Flattening cheek contours with tissue heading south to overhang at the nose to mouth lines

= I feel like Droopy from Deputy Dawg!

A downward shift of soft tissue from the jaw angle

= The onset of an undulating jawline and jowls – just…no!

A crease and a shadow at the mouth corners

= Why so sad?


Welcome to the floor, “The Liquid Lift”. The aim is softening, highlighting and micro-sculpting, utilising minimal amounts of filler across the face, for an effective but subtle result. The perfectly imperfect aesthetic. Different fillers, with different super-powers, are placed at the appropriate levels to mirror lost, or missing volume, that should be anchoring and supporting the face.











Next time, the amazing power of Polynucleotides to restore and renew your skin. I’m excited.


Lots of love and Happy Halloween my witches!




Watch: The Change – Channel 4 or Apple TV.

First recommended to me by my (very cool and somewhat quirky) uncle I forgot to follow up on this one. When again recommended recently by my (very cool and somewhat quirky patient) I realised this would definitely be my thing, and immediately swung into action. I’m so glad that I did. Filled with funny dialogue and beautifully illustrating series scenarios and ludicrous outlooks, with a light and intelligent hand. Entertaining and charming with an excellent cast. (Shout out to Lady L).


Podcast: The Mid.Point with Gabby Logan (Spotify is my choice of platform for pods). Specifically for this pod, The Joys of Getting Older. In 2023, there’s a lot to be said for it. From Texas frontwoman, Charlene Spiteri to Hip Hop guru Nihal Arthanayake, via fitness guru, James Smith. There are some supercool cats who’ve really found their groove throughout their 40s and 50s. Zero fucks given (about the stupid stuff we all worry about in the younger years). Wisdom to be harnessed/inspired by.


Listen: Recomposed Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons: Spring 1 – 2012

Need a mental lift? Headphones on and just-press-play.