Lip Detail

Lip detailLip Detail

Ladies have been drawing attention to their lips since the beginning of written history. From the crushed jewels adornments of Nefertiti’s lips to Marilyn’s smouldering gloss; lips are such an integral part of the facial aesthetic, second only to the eyes in expressing how you feel. Be it playful or put-out, there is a lot to be said for a pretty pout.

In terms of aging lips there are a number of factors in play. We lose volume, particularly females, as oestrogen tails off. There is philtral elongation (from the lip to the nose) and a flattening of the philtrum. The supporting muscle can become weak and the lips may begin to invert.

In today’s aesthetic landscape however, we are fortunate to be able to accentuate the beauty of lips, for up to 12 months, with hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers. Both young and more mature candidates can benefit from a little more pucker and pout by sharpening definition and/or adding subtle volume.

Understandably people were very excited when fillers hit the scene and some, perhaps, got a little carried away. These days however, it is generally agreed that to achieve the maximum beauty potential for the lips, they may be taken up one or two grades in size but the devil (read mischievous lips) really is in the detail.

The detail of the lips is the most important component of lip beautification, with sharp definition the target for restoration or enhancement before augmentation. In fact it is common that once the lip borders and landmarks have been defined (a sharp cupid’s bow and proud philtral columns, for example) there is little need for volume at all. Everybody has a unique shape to their lips and it is important to respect this when enhancing. Often there is also asymmetry and it is appropriate to correct this, affording balance

Equally, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all filler for lips but we may select the most appropriate product for the indication. An exceptional product line for lips is the new generation Vycross range from Allergan. Products such as Volbella and Volift have all the elegance of a soft filler, with the longevity of a more robust product. For clients who simply want definition without volume, we would utilise the properties of Volbella. For a little more Va-Va-Voom, we would choose Volift.

There is a golden ratio for beautiful lips, which roughly translates to one third, to two thirds. In other words, the upper lip should be one third and the lower lip two thirds. There are natural exceptions to the rule, such as Scarlett Johanssen and Julia Roberts, who wear it very well, but generally, for natural lip treatments we adhere to this rule. In addition to the lips themselves, it is vital that we treat around the mouth if the indication is there. The little vertical lines (“smoker’s lines”) may be softened dramatically as well as an up-turn given to a “sad-mouth”.

Also put to good use in the peri-oral area is a light touch of Botox as a combination therapy. By injecting small quantities we can rest the downwards pull of the mouth corners, helping to create the “sad mouth” and soften the drawstring effect that contributes to the “smoker’s lines”.

When considering the face we consider it in thirds – from the hairline to between the brows, from between the brows to the base of the nose and from the base of the nose to the tip of the chin. When considering the mouth, you should consider the entire lower facial third in which it resides as a unit. We want each facial third to be at the point of maximum beautification for the client. If s/he walks away with beautiful lips but poor skin texture, marionette lines or an asymmetrical chin, we haven’t reached yet reached that potential.

This can of course be done on a rolling programme, gently restoring and realigning the entire facial third, with beautiful lips as the prominent feature. Looking for sensitively executed Hyaluronic acid fillers in London? Why not give me a call for a free no-obligation chat?