New Year?

When chatting to people, as the new year begins, many have said that it doesn’t quite feel like a new year but more like an extension of the past one.

Mulling it over, that is rather fitting with how we view our aesthetic treatments.

At this time of year, we seem to get rather bombarded with similar messages of inspiration and suggestion – “New Year. New Me.” We aren’t huge fans of this adage; it implies that the “old” you wasn’t good enough, which isn’t true of course! So, how about this – New Year. New Ideas?

To follow this ideologue, here are three quick wins – aesthetic ideas and method -s to ensure you are looking at feeling your best.

Hopefully these will inspire ideas for you to discuss with me, as we continue cave dwelling, or perhaps evolve treatments further down the line.

Indulge in a little Rejuvenation January food-for-thought?

Airbrush the weary and the worry signs

I haven’t spoken with anybody who’s sailed through the last 10 months free of fret and there are subtle ways in which we can restore a calmer exterior.

Wrinkle relaxers, to alleviate the signs of stress and anxiety:

Facial expressions are as important as ever, if not more so with the current climate of video calls.

We need to express concern, joy and empathy with our friends and colleagues, so it’s softening rather to a white out that we look to.

Maintaining the positive emotional signals – the smile lines for example, whilst softening the negatives. E.g. “Screen face”, those vertical frown lines that make us look angry as if we’re angry or the horizontal anxiety lines that remain even at rest.

Did you know you can lift with Botox? Down-turned mouth corners that make us look sad, flattened brows, which make us look weary. You may also soften stringy neck bands that can make us looked stressed, and help to lift the jawline a little.

Dark circles:

Zoom has a lot to answer for here. With more time and channels for scrutiny, those sometimes-troubling dark circles suddenly seem a lot more pronounced for everybody.

The current climate is one of some anxiety, making us less able to fall swiftly  into an untroubled sleep.

In most cases of tired eyes, there is more to it than dark circles. Usually, in part, these are formed by a hollow, which in turn casts a shadow.

Please step forward tear trough filler. A quick non-surgical procedure that reinstates volume to the hollow and brings back a luminosity to the area that gives the impression of being well rested.

Healthy Skin:

A youthful complexion is a vital part of the fresh-faced package.

There are a host of ways to achieve this. From injectable Hyaluronic acid, such as Profhilo and Restylane Vital, to boost and hydrate and make your skin glow, to microneedling to stimulate a fresh collagen and elastin matrix. There are also tailored peels to reinvigorate dull or troubled looking skin as well as medical grade products that you can use in the comfort of your own home.

Three sure fire ways to boost your spirits.