Befriend the ageing process!

non surgical facelift - Lucy Banks - advanced Medical Aasethetics, LondonA guide to the stages of ageing and the non-surgical support we can utilise

Ageing is unavoidable but, as non-surgical magician to the A-listers, Mauricio de Maio,  says

“Beauty in youth is a freak of nature. Beauty in maturity is a work of art”.

With the ageing process, there are a lot of little details going on behind the scenes, imperceptible on a day-to-day basis. It has been described as the withered fruit in the fruit bowl, or overgrown lawn scenario. Suddenly, we look in the mirror and think “Hang on a minute! Since when did I look so tired and haggard? When did I stop bouncing back??”

Unlike our forefathers and mothers, we are blessed! We now understand much more about the ageing process and how to counteract the ageing elements that speed up (volume loss and fiercer frowning for example) and how to stimulate the youthful processes that slow down (like collagen production and hydration.)

There are three main prongs to maintaining a youthful appearance:

1) Alleviating negative, etched lines and downward pull to the face (an “anxious” looking brow or sad, downturned mouth for example) – Click through to Botox

2) Maintaining appropriate, youthful-looking volume and support. In turn reducing the shadows and sag that make us look old, tired and sad – click through to filler

3) A fresh and even skin tone, reducing the wear and tear of stress, scarring, sun exposure, hormonal shifts and so forth – click to micro-needling and products and peels

Now, pay attention to a good diet, enjoyable and sustained exercise plus spiritual nourishment et voila! We are rocking the best versions of ourselves.

Below are the different stages of ageing and most effective interventions to consider.


In our 20s:

This is the time when we may take our youthful complexions and plump, line free faces for granted. Don’t be fooled. Prevention is better than cure ,and some active skin care will provide an excellent platform for youthful skin going forward. The master products are antioxidants, retinols and the all important sunscreen, rain or shine.

For the very expressive amongst us, or those of us with naturally thin skin, you may see the beginnings of fine lines and wrinkles. If the indication (and sensible intention) is there, a sprinkle of Botox and light brush of filler can make all the difference maintaining your baby face. Believe it or not, it is in our mid 20s that the formation of our good collagen begins to tail off too!

Beautification is also something that has gained much interest and acclaim in the last few years. We now appreciate that golden ratio (Phi) where beauty can be quantified (as long as individual features are respected!) The most popular in the beautification arena are of course filler for lips, cheeks, chins, Botox brow-lifts and facial slimming.

Treatments: Peels, Products, Skinboosters, Botox (upper face, facial slimming, party pout.) Filler – (nose-to-mouth lines and beautification.)

In our 30s:

Again, lifestyle factors permitting, our skin should generally be in good shape. There may well be the early stages of volume loss and greater signs of dynamic wrinkles – a shadow in the tear trough or more pronounced nose-to-mouth lines from smiling, for example. For those women who have had children, the associated hormonal shifts may well have added pigmentation to the mix.

We now appreciate that there are specific fat pads in the face that disappear with age in a particular order. The erosion of these fat pads cause the typical ageing symptoms; loss of jaw line, saggy face, tired look, nose to mouth lines and under-eye shadows. Our extrinsic lifestyle factors, such as UV exposure, smoking, bad diet, stress and partying will begin to speed the ageing process in this decade.

Structural changes, i.e. volume loss, – is the first thing to address strategically, before addressing the finer lines and skin quality. Our new understanding of volume loss has allowed us to recreate volume in a natural way

Treatments: Products and Peels, (Obagi NuDerm), Microneedling, Botox, Volumising filler for prevention in the early stages of soft tissue descent. Beautification.

Aging process

In our 40s:

Ever noticed how there are some incredible looking 40 year old A-listers walking about these days? I cast no aspersions as to whom, but for the fresh-faced career girls and mothers of many, I guarantee they’ve had appropriate and exceptional non-surgical work done, probably for the last decade at least.

Now is the decade when our natural hydration (hyaluronic acid) begins to really dry out. This gives the appearance of a dulled and more wrinkled skin with more unwanted shadows and the more frequent pinning-of-the-skin-upwards when we look in the mirror!

It is also now that most of us really begin noticing the shift in facial volume. The central inverted triangle of youth (full mid face to a sculpted chin apex) begins its descent and flips to become a mid face lacking in volume, sagging as a result and producing a square looking jaw.


For those of us who we’re in the loo when the skincare lecture was on, we will also start noticing the effects of a poor or absent skincare regime.

Treatments: Liquid face lift (filler), Temple filler, Hand rejuvenation (filler) Botox (upper face, downturned mouth, dimpled chin and neck bands), Skin health and quality microneedling, products and peels, skinboosters

In our 50s, 60s and beyond – Menopause mayhem?

For most women, the fifth decade is when the menopause presents, and our decreasing oestrogen levels, and support for our skin, begin to really drop. Well before the menopause we will experience change in the face and body as the levels of oestrogen slowly drop. Whilst experience and philosophy increases our happiness within, maintaining our appearance without, requires even more care. Regular exercise becomes an even more worthwhile investment now as well.

Volume loss and the resulting descent of the soft tissue present as deflated cheeks and the formation of jowls and a squarer, saggier jawline. The declining levels of oestrogen will now significantly speed the thinning of the lips and lines and shadows around the mouth. Added to this, bone reabsorption is speeding up, which means the jawline begins to recede and the skin and soft tissue begins to overhang.

Skin care also needs to be stepped up at this age, combining your daily routine with medical grade skin care products for skin pigmentation and/or peels and microneedling treatments are often required.

This all sounds rather depressing (!) but with expertly placed filler, botox and skin rejuvenation, we can make a world of difference in lifting and brightening the face. Naturally, if non-surgical intervention is first taken up in the fifth decade it may take time and a dedicated treatment programme initially, but experience shows that it is an investment that pays off and has a very positive effects both physically and mentally. Looking good, feeling great!

Treatments: Liquid face lift (filler), Temple filler, Hand rejuvenation (filler) Botox (upper face, downturned mouth, dimpled chin and neck bands), Skin health and quality – microneedling, products and peels, skinboosters