Pay by instalments – Keep your face fresh, with no stress.

Here to smooth your journey (and your face. Naturally).

  • Stagger your payments for your regular injectables – a holy trinity of instalments (3 over 3 months) to keep your face fresh, with no stress.

Whilst on the precipice of – nobody really knows, but more panic than party mode – we figured that having the option of spreading payments for Botox, filler and medical skincare, across a few months, may come in handy. Just say the word when booking in and we can invoice you accordingly.


  • New Ninja Practice Manager:

Many of you have already spoken with her, and I am thrilled to formally introduce Natasha (“Tasha”) Bremner, as my new Practice Manager. Tasha has had 12 year’s experience in patient liaison with BUPA, and is here to help with all and any treatment, and booking, enquiries.  Please drop her a line for a booking.



Recommendations to cheer your journeys and downtime

  1. Watch: Bad Sisters (Apple TV). Set to the atmospheric, coastal backdrop of Dublin, Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe and Motherland) has pulled an absolute blinder. Dark, funny with a brilliant cast of unknowns, in this deliciously twisted tale.
  2. Read:   Sorrow and Bliss, Meg Mason. Described as a mix between Fleabag and Patrick Melrose, I was instantly intrigued by this excellent suggestion. It’s a story of not conforming with zero f**** given. Dysfunctional, amazing love and truly knowing yourself, however scary that may be. As ever, I listen to my books en route to and from Harley, and Amelia Fox is the perfect narrator.(Shout out to the sassy Lady P for this awesomeness)
  3. Listen to: Unreal. A History of Reality TV (BBC Podcast). A 10-part look back and analysis of the history and influence on reality TV. From the early days of Big Brother to current day “Selling Sunset”. Honestly, reality TV has been something I have dismissed, but this fascinating insight illuminates the weight and social commentary this genre holds. (Shout out to the marvellous Mister G for turning my head)
  4. Play: My Future, Billy Eilish – Voice of an angel, sweet beat drop. A winning formula if ever there was one. (Shout out to, the ever soulful, Mister A.  Lilac and Black – Ezra Furman – I wasn’t sure about this to begin with, but the warped sounds and general revolutionary feel, make me want to jump on the back of a wagon and speed down a highway, wielding a flag. Just saying. (Shout out to the impossibly glamourous Lady P)