Perfect Profile

Profilioplasty to harmonise, balance and beautify..


When I think back to when Botox and fillers were first launched, it’s thrilling to see how far we’ve come. We know so much more about how the face ages and can restore and enhance youth and beauty with even more magic at our fingertips.


One of the procedures I  love most is creating a balanced and beautiful profile – technically known as a “Profiloplasty”. Typically, this refers to a combination of non-surgical techniques (mainly HA filler) to harmonise the profile of the face.


As we only see ourselves in 2D, people will usually be focused on one area of their face, such as a crooked nose or lip augmentation.  Educating patients on the face as a whole, as opposed to focusing on one unit creates better overall balance and proportion that looks a lot more natural than just plumping the lips or contouring the cheeks for example.


The key areas are the forehead, the nose and the chin, plus the cheekbones and angle of the jaw. Sometimes lip enhancement is also included. Done well it will make a significant and magnificent difference that nobody can actually pick.


As with all treatments, product selection and quantity is dependent on the individual’s anatomy and the treatment time is around 75 minutes with immediate results.


Profiloplasy is a popular treatment among the transgender community as the treatment is extremely effective in making the face more gender appropriate.