Before and After photos.

One of the most widely sought after image searches is “botox before and after” and "filler before and after". Rightly so! If we believe everything we see in print and social media, there are some horror stories or cartoonish perfection.

My aim is to rejuvenate and beautify and I have had heart-warming feedback from my loyal patient base.

I focus on accentuating the positive, gently softening the negative and keeping you looking the best version of yourself.

I think it is vital that people see a practitioners unadulterated work rather than manufactured images. Here are some before and after photos to give you an example of my work on different face types, ages and areas.

I hope these will put your mind at rest -you’re in safe and subtle hands with me.

The Glow up - Looking better at 70 (photo on the right) than at 60. Ten years of subtle Botox and filler for a fresh and supported look, Profhilo to maintain healthy, glowing skin.



Lower face support, chin enhancement and lip correction. 33-year old female. One treatment session.



3ml Teosyal RHA4 face. 0.6ml Belotero Shape to correct the lip:

2ml Teosyal RHA4 to enhance chin for better support and improved nose-lip-chin ratio, for beautification.

1ml Teosyal RHA4 “sag” at marionette areas and pre-jowl sulcus and sharpen jawline.

0.6ml Belotero Shape to correct imbalance in lips from filler done elsewhere.

Mid face support and tear trough, 35 year old male. One treatment session.


2ml Belotero Intense, 2ml Restylane

Male patient volume deficient in mid face with extension of tear trough.

1ml Belotero Intense, per side, for mid face support, cheek lift.

2ml Restylane per side to reintroduce subtle mid face volume and fill concavity of tear trough (cannula).


Subtle enhancement of lips



Two treatment sessions, to include definition of borders, cupids bow and philtral columns as well as volume to body. Two sessions with a total of 1.8ml Belotero Contour and Belotero Shape used.

0.6ml / Belotero Contour and 0.6ml Belotero Shape

First session 0.6ml definition, 0.6ml volume.

Second session a further 0.6ml Volume


Mid face support and tear trough, 26 year old female. Two treatment sessions


3.6ml Teosyal RHA 4 to mid face and 2ml Restylane to tear trough/naso-jugal groove.

Young female with a small mid face and large orbital globes, resulting in a sunken appearance with hollows/shadows.

Session one: Mid face support with 2.4ml Teosyal RHA 4, medial cheek for diagonal and vertical lift. 1ml Restylane, with a cannula to fill hollows of tear trough and extending groove.

Session two, at four weeks: A further 1.2ml Teosyal RHA4 across the mid face and additional 1ml of Restylane to orbital hollows.


Botox frown and forehead, 29 year old female. One treatment session.



Young lady presented to lift and airbrush forehead and eyes, to soften existing lines and prevent further additional wrinkles from forming. Natural but effective result desired.

Botox eyes, 29 year old female. One treatment session.


The after photos are afte two weeks.


Cheeks and tear trough, 54 year old female. Two treatment sessions.



3ml Juvederm Voluma and 2ml Belotero Intense.

Patient presented as felt she consistently looked tired. Treated to lift and resupport the mid face, then polish and smooth out the orbital hollows / tear troughs.

First session: 3ml Voluma across the mid face/cheeks and 1ml Beloterto Intense to tear troughs.

Second session: Additional 1ml Belotero Intense to further soften tear troughs and illuminate eye area.

58 year old female patient - a "Glow up"


58 year old female and avid runner. She Was beginning to look a little hollow in the face, with general "sag" as a concern.

I reinstated deep support to lift the volume in the mid face, and supported the soft tissue descent in the lower face. It lightens and brightens the face as a whole, softening the orbital hollows and giving a "happier" appearance.

4ml/ syringes of Teosyal RHA 4, 2ml/syringes of Belotero Volume and 0.6ml/ 1/2 syringe Belotero Contour.


50 year old female with loss of elasticity in the neck



50 year old, female patient had developed pronounced elasticity through sun damage on the delicate skin of the neck, which belied her youthful face.

I used 3 x 2ml syringes of Profhilo, over three sessions, one month apart, using a needle for the first session and a cannula for the second and third. The lines were significantly softened and skin quality and texture visibly improved.

Subtle lip definition and volume on young female


24 year old female patient with beautiful lips to begin with but wanted a little more va-va-voom - definition and plumping.

I used 0.6ml Belotero Shape, firstly with a cannula to instate volume in the deep fat plane of the lip, and then needle to give sharper definition.


Balance to lower facial third



35 year old female patient who needed balancing in the lower third of the face, support and beautification with correction of chin cleft.

I used Two syringes /2.4ml of Teosyal RHA4 and 0.6ml of Belotero Shape (lips) to bring symmetry to the chin and lower face overall.

Balance to lower facial third - 2


A young lady who presented, with thin and undefined lips. We built volume and contour.

1 x 0.6ml Belotero Contour  (Border defintion)

1 x 0.6ml Belotero Shape (Volume)


Beautification of a young, female patient



Filler to the temples to ease the flow of upper to mid face. Accentuation of the cheek bones for more feminine contours. Projection and elongation in the chin to support the lower lip and balance the face. Finally a little volume and definition in the upper lip for a sexier finish.

2 X Juvederm Voluma to temples. 2 x Juvederm Voluma to cheek contours, 2 X Juvederm Voluma to chin and 0.55ml Juvederm Smile to the upper lip.