Exceptional non-surgical results rely on a number of factors. Thorough consultation, knowledge of anatomy, a keen aesthetic eye, experience, skill and a safe environment.

I practice advanced non-surgical cosmetic treatments, using market leading products, with a wealth of experience and techniques at my fingertips.

Following your consultation, I will propose a tailored treatment plan based on your desired outcome.

Consultation fee: £100

Wrinkle Relaxing Injections:

One area: £240
Two areas – £320
Three areas -£400
Botox Brow Lift - £300
Neck-bands: £350
Jawline definition (mild jowls) – £320

Nefertiti Lift (Botox "facelift") - £650

Maintenance: 3-4 monthly

Facial slimming - 1 session – £550

Maintenance: 6-12 months

Excessive sweating – £550 (under arms)

Maintenance: 6-12 months 

1 syringe - £400

2 syringes - £750

3 syringes - £1100

4 syringes - £1400

Filler – Topical anaesthetic cream used with all fillers for optimum comfort.


Filler indications:
Lip definition and volume £550 - 45 minutes

Subtle volume and crisp definition for a youthful looking lip.

Filler – Lip “Touch up” – definition OR volume £300 – 30 minutes.

To add subtle volume or crisp definition to the lip.

“Lip Refresh” - Lip definition and smoothing "Smoker's lines/barcode" £550 - 45 minutes

Restoring lip definition and soothing "smokers’ lines" by improving and hydrating the skin around the mouth. Local anaesthetic and cannula.

Cheeks Prices From £400 - 45 minutes

To reinstate subtle support/contour or sculpt a more dramatic look. (From £400 for 1 syringe - £1400 for 4 syringes).

Tear Trough Prices From £450 - 45 minutes

To soften dark circles and illuminate the eye area. (From £450 for 1 syringe.) Cannula to reduce the risk of bruising.

“Liquid face lift” Prices From £1,400 for 4 syringes - 75 minutes

Adding appropriate support across the face to reposition the fat pads and reinstate a lack of volume. To lift, define and contour; lightening and brighten the face. (From £1400 for 4 syringes).

Lower face - Chin, “marionette lines” and Jawline - Prices from £1100 for 3 syringes (60 mins).

To lift and strengthen the lower face. Sculpting and defining the chin and jawline, softening the appearance of shadows and jowls.

Upper face – Temples, hairline, and cheekbones – Prices from £1100 for 3 syringes.

Filler to lift from the hairline to support the lateral eyebrow, eye corners and anchor the mid face. To soften the impression of the bony orbit of the eye and to improve the flow of upper to mid face.

Chin - Prices From £400 - 30 minutes

Shaping and balancing for a more feminine or masculine chin, improving the profile with appropriate projection (from £400 for 1 syringe).

Nose-to-mouth lines - Prices From £400 - 30 minutes

To soften the shadow from the base of the nose to the lip, to lessen “overhang” and give an overall lighter look (from £400 for 1 syringe).

Jawline - Prices From £400 - 30 minutes

To create a lifted and better-defined jawline.

Hairline filler - Prices from £400 – 30 minutes

Filler placed under the hairline to lift from above. Particularly suited to those who want a lift in the mid face, without added volume to the cheeks. (Cannula and local anaesthetic.) Prices from £400 for 1 syringe.

Temples – Prices from £400 – 30 minutes

To soften the shadows and impression of the bony orbit, created by temple hollows. To lift the corner of the eye and to improve the flow of upper to mid face. (Prices from £400 for 1 syringe).

Hand Rejuvenation - Prices From £750 for 2 syringes- 45 minutes

Treatment to replenish volume and conceal veins. Hydrating/rejuvenating skin texture to maintain youthful looking hands. Local anaesthetic and cannula.

Skinboosters – very fine filler for hydration/skin-quality

1ml Restylane Vital – £250

Course of 3 treatments, 4 weeks apart.

Profhilo, 2 sessions should be attended, 4 weeks apart (2ml per session) £400 per session

Profhilo, 1 session including botox including botox for resting neck bands £750 per session

Maintenance: Booster session at 6 months

Aqualyx "flab jab"

Double chin per session - minimum 3 sessions - £450

Hyularonidase - dissolving filler

First session - £300

Subsequent sessions - £250

Tixel - heat resurfacing to remove crepey skin and promote fresh, tightened tissue:

Price per session:

Ablative face and neck: £1000
Ablative face: £750
Ablative Eyes: £450

Ablative: 3 sessions 4- 6 weeks apart

Maintenance session(s): 12 months, depending on life stage.

Eye Refresh: Combination of a tailored eye peel with micro-needling - £450 per session.
3 sessions, 4 - 6 weeks apart.

Lumi Eye: Pure hydration for under- eyes - £250 per session.
3 sessions, 4 - 6 weeks apart.


Tailored peels (eg. ageing, acne, pigmentation).

From £350 per session

Microneedling (EDS pen)

Face or hands - £450 per session

Brand products

Obagi, VI Aesthetics and ZO.

Product prices available on request.