Tighten and Brighten your skin as we head into Autumn

Repair and refine your shine, as the summer sun recedes 


Following one final blaze as the kids returned to school, it seems the sun has taken her hat off for the summer season, giving way a cooler, Autumnal tone.

With exposure at a minimum, now is the time to undo UV damage and get rid of the general wear and tear from a more-than-hectic year. In-clinic, medical skin procedures to clarify tone and beautify texture, are firmly on the menu. These come in the form of prescription peels, intensive micro-needling and resurfacing the skin with Tixel.

With a natural transition into warmer clothes, it’s also the perfect time to dissolve stubborn double chins (Aqualyx) with any swelling easily concealed under a polo-neck.





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Resurface, Repair and Refine

Peel and microneedle combo – The gentlest of the prescription peels, Mandelic and salicylic acid, followed directly with numbing and microneedling. The peel dissolves the dead/dull skin cells whilst the microneedling gives a whacking great boost of collagen and elastin for a healthy texture and glowing tone. To include eyes and neck.

Cost: £550 per treatment – 1 – 3, six weeks apart.

Downtime: Redness / dryness 2-3 days.


VIPeels – Tailored tinctures that pack a punch. Stronger Prescription peels that target specific indications such as pigmentation (brown spots) acne/acne scarring and overall aging concerns, such as fine lines and lacklustre skintone. To include eyes and neck.

Cost: from £395 per treatment 1 – 3, four weeks apart.

Downtime: Orange for 4 hours, red for a day, flake on day 2 and presentable by day 4.


Resurface with Tixel – Resurface and remodel rough and crepey skin (very good for eyes). Using controlled heat, old skin is controlled heat that rivals the C02 / Fraxel laser, is more comfortable and has considerably less downtime.

Cost per treatment: 1 – 3 treatments, six weeks apart

Eyes/small area: £450

Face: £750

Face and neck: £1000

Downtime: Redness swelling 2 days, micro crusts/dryness 4 – 7 days. Redness around the eyes (which can be covered with concealer) may continue for a few weeks. All resolves in the end with much smoother (new) skin as a result.


Dissolve stubborn double chins with Aqualyx:

With expert injections of Aqualyx into the submental fat pad, you can significantly reduce / eradicate double chins. Aqualyx mirrors your stomach acid and breaks down pockets of fat in a controlled way, which is processed by your lymphatic system. A simple and permanent solution.

Cost: £450 per treatment, 1 – 3 six weeks apart.

Downtime: moderate to severe swelling immediately after treatment (hence said polo-neck or light scarf). Bruising a possibility, although in a convenient, under chin setting, and the sensation of the area being “stimulated”, continues, on and off, as Aqualyx works its magic.



Watch: Miss Americana (Netflix)

Having written off Taylor Swift as “forgettable” and the silly person who helped tank Tom Hiddleston’s reputation, Miss American showed me how wrong I’ve been. The highly watchable film documents the amazing talent that is Miss Taylor Swift, not only as a song writer but as a level-headed female artist who’s maintained her values and grounding in the crazy world of celebrity. Gracious, intelligent, and well observed, she’s now found her political voice and I think is a big asset to the world. (The documentary also confirms that Kanye West is a complete tool.) (Shout out to Lady E)


The Crowded Room, Apple TV.

This is a difficult one to talk about without giving it away. Tom Holland, of obvious Spiderman fame, is spectacularly good playing the multi-layered and rather troubled “Danny”. The acting is SO good, and the world in which the story inhabits is so beautiful styled that I quickly became immersed. It deals with some heavy themes but as somebody fascinated by the human condition and attention to detail, this had me gripped and will stay with me.  (Shout out to Lady L)


Read: Demon Copperhead, Barbara Kingslover.
I devoured this book in 3 days, thanks to audible and the insane traffic in and out of London this week. It’s up there with Where the Crawdads Sing, as one of the most eye opening and touching reads/listens. Harrowing but beautiful and so well written. Loss of innocence is a big trigger for me but the resilience of the protagonist/narrator and the way the content is delivered makes it extremely palatable. An intelligent revisit of the Dickensian tale, David Copperfield, Demon Copperhead illuminates the lives of our many modern day lost souls. Beautiful.  (Shout out to Lady R)


Having hit you with some heavy watching and reading suggestions, lighten the load here with “Rob Brydon &”. Comedian interviewing comedians. I particularly enjoyed the Harry Enfield one, with many memorable references from my youth, but pick a character who resonates for some light-hearted bantz.