Setting a beautiful tone with Tixel

Introducing skin-resurfacing for maximum impact with minimal downtime.

A healthy complexion goes such a long way in the overall impression of youth and beauty.

Tixel is a wonderful way to maintain fresh-faced appeal by achieving smoother, tighter and healthier skin. There is minimal downtime or discomfort, and no needles involved.

The Tixel comes as a table top device with a handpiece containing a small plate of 81, titanium pyramids. It is heated to 400°C and the pyramid tips applied to the skin with brief contact (between 5 – 18 Milliseconds).

The process stimulates fibroblasts (growth factors in the skin) creating skin renewal in the dermis with impressive results. There is a double effect on collagen because of the combined heat and micro channelling effect.

Tixel is perfect for the face and eyes – used right up to the lash line of both the upper and lower lids for tightening crepey skin. It may also be used on the neck and décolletage and treats a number of indications, including scarring, rosacea, sun damage and pigmentation/age spots.





Younger skins, or those looking for a freshener with zero downtime, can opt for the “open channel” or “non ablative” treatment for skin health and overall luminosity. This is where microchannels are made to enable active product delivery directly to the living part of the skin (much like a mesotherapy – injection treatment – just without the needles.)

At the other end of the scale, the Tixel can be set for an ablative treatment with results as good as the C02 laser, historically the gold standard of skin resurfacing. The difference is that the discomfort and downtime of Tixel is approximately a third of the C02 with the same results.





Tixel is powered by a non-laser (non-radiation), non-radiowave energy, called Therma-Mechanical action. So that’s simply electricity turned into heat!

Ablative: 3 sessions, 4- 6 weeks apart

Non ablative: 3 – 6 sessions, 2 – 4 weeks apart

Maintenance session(s): 12 months, dependent on indication.

Per session:

Ablative face and neck: £850

Ablative face: £700

Ablative Eyes: £350

Non ablative face: £500

Non ablative face and neck: £650