Spring it on…

Good gravy! The waves appear particularly steep and, ostensibly, unforgiving just now.

How are you all doing as Easter zooms into orbit? (Time is now officially lost on me).

I have borne witness to many things since last writing. These last few months seem to have seen a whirlwind of life changing experiences and circumstances from the Treatment Chair.

From powerful decisions about your bodies, to devastating blows with loved ones.  Enlightenments that turn things upside down to overwhelming pile-ons, and new directions. Many of you are dealing with a whole heap of shit right now and my admiration for the ownership of your space and holding of ground is huge. You give me inspiration and insight into digging deep and finding inner strength.

I see the common denominators. The trust that things will come good with an open heart, a deep breath, and a hand to hold. Staying strong when you need to, but allowing yourselves to collapse too, rather than struggle when it’s just too much. It’s ok to wobble, the important part is getting back up sturdier than before.  I hope this collective observation is useful to others who are having a turbulent time. Keep the faith; the wheel continues to turn.
Community is key. Did you know that the happiest country to live in is Finland? According to The Week Junior (Subscription for the boys but a level of news that I also enjoy) it is because of the access to nature, education, healthcare and the sense of responsibility to the community at large…. I think we should all be looking out for one another as much as we can.
In the words of Andre Agassi:
“Remember this. Hold on to this. This is the only perfection there is, the perfection of helping others. This is the only thing we can do that has any lasting meaning. This is why we’re here. To make each other feel safe.”
To remind you – our Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good campaign sees £2 donated for every £100 spent to our long-standing charity – The Flying Seagull Project,who envelope displaced children in play and stability, a cause more crucial than ever.
In terms of your own self-care, it’s vitally important to look after your mental and physical health. We know that looking better makes you feel better. There’s a beauty in letting some things go but also a strength in maintaining your sense of self and sense of confidence in what you can achieve. Knowing that you have put time aside for yourself is a precious tick off the list. We’re booking for May and June now so send word if you’d like a freshener.
With Easter holidays upon us we had the absolute pleasure of a week in Austria. Amidst the mountain mist, fresh Alpine air, the beautiful local creatures and fantastic home-grown food.  I suspect (and very much hope) that our hotel is run by Vampires as the owners haven’t aged in the 8 years we’ve been going.

For those of you with little ones, I cannot recommend this Kinder Hotel more highly. The kids are entertained (in the most engaging way) whilst being free to roam, safely contained, so you can genuinely kick back and relax yourselves.  I also found my spirit animal on the trip – Clarissa the mountain goat. I found my happy place sitting amongst the straw with her hoofs resting on my legs (and surprised a couple of unsuspecting guests who were visiting the farm enclosure in the process. I like being different.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter break and looking forward to seeing you soon.

Don’t go too crazy on the chocolate!

With love,

Lucy XxX

Watch: Archive 81 (Netflix) although a mix of seen-before themes, this piece of supernatural noir manages to be original. An ongoing sense of foreboding; I was on tenterhooks for a jump scape but it‘s more sophisticated than that with some very engaging characters.

Listen to :
You Want It Darker (Leaonard Cohen). I find this enlightening and liberating in its own, poetic right. The title is a literal question though, so if you’re not feeling like pushing a dark boundary have a go at suggestion number 2. (Shout out to Mister P)
Chicken Payback – The Bees – This never fails to make me cluck around the kitchen with a few kung-fu kicks (in my mind at least) for good measure. We all need some silly. (Shout out to Austin – my 6 year old)
Follow the Sun – As we ascend (?) into metaverse territory, I like to remind myself of the yin to that yang. I think the stint in the mountains was especially powerful this year! (Shout out to Lady P)

Read: Clockwork Girl by Anna Mazzola – a page turning thriller set in gothic 1800’s Paris with a new world of automata coming to the country with forward thinking King Louis XV. The author ensures we are walking through the streets themselves, painting pictures in our minds and transporting us into a very different Paris from the one we know today. A brilliant read with twists and turns that keep you fully engaged.