Summer plans and sensible tans…

Despite the sultry half-sleeps and the desire to acquire a plunge pool in the boudoir, the heat has brought an uplifting beat overall. I’ve had the pleasure of getting many of you glammed for Glasto this weekend and wish you all a blissful summer blowout amongst the fields and fellow revellers.

In terms of summer plans, I’m going to be off for most of August. Those requiring a holiday glow up, or, indeed, sweat dial-down (Botox for sweating is impressively effective) please be sure to book in over July and the few dates I have in August…Whilst the rays raise our spirits, the temperature around next week’s election has been rather more tepid amongst the cohort, and understandably so. However far that reflects reality, a shakeup (in whatever form it comes) will propel us into a perkier pace. Fingers crossed. Nowhere is perfect!
Keep your cool and keep it classy.  We are, all of us, very lucky.
I’ve heard word on some of your exciting adventures, laid-back luxuries and simple pleasures. From Moroccan magic to Hampton hideaways, Costa Rican calm to tree top tranquillity – enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. All of you suitably SPF’d, naturally…
With lots of love and a million thank yous,

Lucy B xXx


Triangle of Sadness (Netflix) – I’ve heard that this one divides the room. I was most definitely on the side that was engaged and entertained… observing and playing with power dynamics, Ruben Östlund does a marvellous job holding up the mirror to humanity. Orbiting a set from the misguided mega-wealth, there is a perfect performance from Woody Harrleson as the wearied Captain of the luxury liner on which the main action takes place. (Shout out to Lady M)

Hitman (Netflix) – The latest from Richard Linklater, this is an extremely well-cast and connected look at life. Balancing the dark humour of Triangle of Sadness, Hitman has a lighter, more uplifting finish. Gorgeous characters, a fantastic storyline and delightful dialogue. I thoroughly indulged myself in this one. (Shout out to Lady R)

The Dry (ITVX) – Set in Ireland, dear to my heart, The Dry looks into the lives of a beautifully dysfunctional family with three very different but equally likeable siblings doing their best to navigate life’s heartbreaks and weird ways. Described as “The Irish Fleabag” – definite similarities to be drawn – it’s dry, it’s funny and well worth a whirl if you want something to chill to. (Shout out to Mister P)

None of this is true – Lisa Jewell. In the same vein as “Girl on the Train” this is a consuming piece of fiction. The author weaves a web or intrigue which entices you to touch, and then you find yourself stuck. A dark dive rather than a romantic romp but holiday reading for sure. As usual I like listening to my books, which I most definitely recommend with this one.


Cool kick-back-tracks for chilling in the shade or spinning in the sunshine.
Need you Now – Hot Chip
Keep on Moving – Soul to Soul

Pretty Girls – Little Dragon,
I’ve loved Little Dragon ever since Gorillaz put them on my radar with Empire Ants in 2010, another great tune. A calming reminder to unsubscribe from the circus, keep your head strong, your heart open and your feet moving forward…