The difference than makes the difference


I’ve been thinking about the beauty landscape, as I was recently asked to write an article on how I see things. I’m always happy to share my experience and the reality of the what I see and what I’ve learned…

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I shall simply say, one (wo)man’s heavenly lips is another’s hellish nightmare. We’ve all seen celebrities be over injected to be dissolved, to sometimes be over injected again. It’s a very difficult line to walk, especially in the public eye, with judgement all around and that magical elixir to topple the ageing process, yet to be discovered.

To what extent do we want to freeze ageing altogether though? There’s a beauty in letting some things go but also a strength in maintaining your sense of self and sense of confidence in what you can achieve. 

There are some people who’ve just got it as they ascend through life. Gillian Anderson would be one example; Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds would be two more. Do they have “work”? I couldn’t possibly comment. However, if I said, more people do than don’t, perhaps I could answer that question indirectly.

To state the obvious, it’s how that work is done that counts for everything. Maintaining the essence of the individual, both at rest and on animation, is vital. Also, there is a huge nod to skin quality and a host of “background work”. (More on that later!)

Skin quality is astoundingly important. Good juicing, Kombucha’ing, and generally keeping yourself well-nourished and hydrated, will support the process of course. However, there is nothing like a good peel and resurfacing, coupled with some pure injectable hyaluronic acid, to take sauntering to shimmering. Then there are a host of medical grade products to keep the good stuff glowing as part of a daily/weekly routine.  Prescription retinol (Tretinoin) remains firm favourite, married with sassy soulmate SPF 50, as a no brainer. (If anybody hasn’t got the memo about UV rays and aging, I will literally fall off my chair.)

Below: Restylane Vial Skin Boosters x 3 sessions, 1 month part – Click here to book in. 
The afore mentioned “background work” is so very helpful in keeping things in their rightful place. I’m all up for a full-face lift, when the time comes, but for those who want to maintain a wise, whilst lifted look in the meantime, there are areas in which you can use sophisticated fillers to lift and soften without a hint of odd. 

The temples are a good example, which become sunken over time as they lose volume and see the tail of the brow begin to descend. Behind the hairline is another excellent place to add a little lift without creating contours that don’t belong. The preauricular area (the bit in front of the ear, an index finger width and length) is also a helpful fellow, as is the chin and the angle of the jaw. These lesser-known points (in public parlance) are paramount in maintaining the package of you. Just a fresher version.
Below: Hairline in-to-cheek filler, chin and lips. Click here to book in. 
Then there is the putting downward pulling muscles back in their place, gently but consistently. I think our creator(s) we’re having an off day, as the downward pulling muscles (the frown and the mouth corners) get stronger as we age. This means our upward lifting muscles end up losing out to them, as we get furrowed and tugged down into an angry or sad looking person when we’re at rest.
Having treated yogis, people of the cloth and wholefood writers, looking tired or grumpy when you really are giving it your all to live a good life is frankly bloody annoying. 
Well Hallelujah! Now that we understand what is actually happening as we age, we can prevent and reverse it by means of micro non-surgical interventions. Recognising and liking your reflection is a powerful connection to prioritise and maintain.

If you want to explore further, then don’t hesitate to reach out and I can put together a treatment plan for you when you next come in for an appointment. 

In the meantime, MAKE IT COUNT!!!

Lots of love,

LB xx

Ted Lasso, Apple TV. 
Feel good watching with a heart and soul. A very original story and stance with engaging and endearing characters to ease your mind and make you smile. (shout out to Lady K)

The 7 Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle, by Stuart Turton. A sensationally good debut for both the story and the writing. The author doesn’t drop a word or miss a beat. The protagonist comes to, running through the woods, witnessing what he thinks is a murder, on the approach to the nightmare of Blackheath House. He has just eight “hosts” in which to inhabit, to solve a murder and free himself from the neverending loop on the edge of insanity. A real stand out for me; one that requires focus! (Shout out to Mr R).

Marcus Aurelias – for a philosophical teep to the toosh, immerse yourself in the mindful meditations and ascensions to aspire to, with this ancient pool of wisdom. I keep dipping into this one to focus an agitated mind. (Shout out to Mr B).

Listen to: 
Slow, Chemical Brothers Remix. Frankly, we all need some Kylie in our lives! (Thank you Mr D, for reminding me of that).