The non-surgical effect

A healthy approach to non-surgical treatments (and how to plan them)

Non-surgical treatments should boost and energise you. They should make you look and feel fresher and be part of your physical and mental wellbeing. Just as you would freshen up your home when it begins to look worn, why would you not invest in yourself in the same way? Executed with realistic expectations and care for curating the right aesthetic, non-surgical treatments are emotionally transformative.

I know when I’m looking a little tired and frayed around the edges, I feel excited to get a few sprinkles, getting my “infrastructure” sorted. To me, it means I can wear less make-up, wake up looking more rested (even when I don’t deserve to) and generally boost my sense of wellbeing and confidence.

Unlike topical creams (which do have their place) the difference that can be achieved with non-surgical cosmetics is significant, cathartic and long lasting.

For patients who have been on the non surgical path for a while, I often hear, “I’ve been so looking forward to this”. That’s because they know they are about to boost their fresh-faced look, then leave with a literal and spiritual lift. Also, they can tick it off the list for a good while.

Of course, there is a maintenance programme, but it’s one well worth investing in.

Everybody is different with faster/slower immune systems and lifestyles but as a general rule…

This is how it works:

Etched lines – horizonal (anxiety) or vertical (stress) lines on the forehead and between the brows:

= Botox

Eyes should be kept soft and friendly as the crowsfeet are a positive feature, but if things are getting a bit craggy, Botox here too.

This is carried out every 3 – 4 months and presents a good opportunity to check in generally and keep on top of anything else that requires some love in the overall picture.

Deflated volume/sag/shadows – and/or subtle enhancement or correction of features – cheeks, noses, chins, tear troughs, lips, jawlines, nose to mouth lines and so forth:

= Filler

This is carried out every 4 – 12 months, depending on: area, product and quantity.

(It’s a simplified explanation, but fillers come in different thicknesses. If the procedure is for structure (lift and contour) like cheeks, you want a product that is very stable. If you want a little lip boost, you want something softer.  The former would last 9months +, the latter 4-6.)

Dull and uneven skin tone:

This is where your peels, products and skin resurfacing come in. This can be done as an annual programme, one a month for three months, to maintain a healthy, plump and smooth skin. This is normally done when you are not having sun exposure – e.g. Skiing or The Seychelles, for one-month post treatment.


Sample plan:

Month Procedure Product and amount Cost Duration Daily cost Treatment



(first week)

Structural filler – cheeks and chin.


Belotero Volume

Juvederm Voluma

Total –  4ml

£1,100 12 months £3 60 mins

(first week)

Botox and filler review (sparkling for Christmas). 3 areas of Botox to lift and airbrush upper face £350 3 months £4 30 mins


Botox and lips


3 areas botox and lip plump.  






3-4 months £5 45 mins
June Botox and Profhilo (ready for summer) 3 areas of Botox


Skin hydration.






3 months




6 months






45 mins
Sept VIPeel 1-3 Annual skin boost post summer. £275 12 months £2 (based on 3) 30 mins