The power of supplements  

How to get ahead in “healthy”

When you’re juggling life’s logistics and/or sedentary in front of your laptop. Don’t always sleep well, are stressing about who needs what-when (NOOOOWWWW) and enjoying a few indulgences to decompress. It’s hard to sustain a healthy diet and existence.


Ongoing, this adds up to premature aging, a less than healthy gut, poor skin, fragile nails and who-knows-what, in the post. For an increasing number of people (£214 billion’s worth in the next four years) the answer lies in supplements.


In theory, supplements are a wonderful idea.


There’s no way even those with the healthiest of diets (clean, raw, ingested before 5.00pm etc) get all that they need. The nutrients found in fresh food varies wildly. One study found 116mg of Vit-C in one orange and a big fat zero (shame on that chain) in another.


Taken as an average, you’d need to ingest 29 oranges per day to get the recommended 2000mg daily intake of Vitamin-C.


Ever the cynics, it’s the quality of supplements that had us pondering. A powder-dried pellet that’s been in a long production line, then languishing in a storeroom/shop shelf for months, just seems a little…well…meh!


So, when our attention was brought to iiaa’s* Advanced Nutrition Programme (ANP), we needed convincing.


As with everything we take on, for the last couple of months we’ve been trailing the various supplements they have to offer. And what’s this? Our skin has improved. Our hair and nails are stronger and for those of us who have that occasional bloated feeling (Oh, who ate all the biscuits again?), our tummies are feeling settled.


There are supplements for specific conditions such as acne, rosacea and dry skin, as well as antioxidants such as vitamin C, energy boosting combos and probiotics to name but a few. Added to this, rather than a topical serum that’s effect is contained to where it is applied, supplements encompass every single skin cell, from your scalp to your toes.


What we didn’t realise is what a positive mental effect it would have. As with everyone else rushing around, it’s beautiful to know that you can genuinely look after your internal health, by taking the right kind of supplements.


As a major bonus, iiaa supplements are stringently monitored for purity. They are all sustainably sourced and packaged, organic, non-irradiated, with no artificial colours of flavours, gluten free, Vegan friendly (with the exception of their Omegas). Even down to the vegetable ink and recycled cardboard for their very attractive packaging.

We have not been paid, bribed or blackmailed to write this blog.