1) Consultation:

Meeting face-to-to-face is the best way to assess what your concerns are and what your ideal outcomes are. It’s an opportunity for me to EDUCATE you on what will achieve the most beautiful result, for your individual features. The consultation is an opportunity for me to advise you on what is available, and best placed, to give you maximum impact. My onus being effective but natural.

It’s all about balance and synchrony, correcting what is negative on the face (a sad or tired look, for example) and maintaining or subtly enhancing what is positive (the subtle restoration or enhancement of the cheekbones, for example, or preserving youthful skin quality).

Everyone is on a BUDGET, and I will help you to prioritise what will, basically give you the biggest bang –for-your buck, and the maintenance required to keep you consistently looking and feeling your best.

2) Treatment

Once you have decided on treatment you can confidently put yourself in my capable hands. I ensure that you have lots of time to talk through questions about any aspect of the treatment and aftercare. Non-surgical treatments are an artistic and meticulous process to produce EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS.

I carry out a thorough medical consultation and ensure you are clear on what to expect during and after treatment. Comfort is paramount and my goal is for relaxed, happy and confident patients.

3) Review / Touch up

As non-surgical results take a short time to settle and bloom, I invite you for a complementary two – four week review, depending on the treatment carried out.

To ensure a conservative approach and subtle change, there are some treatments that I carry out in two stages – tear troughs and, sometimes, lips – for example.

A Botox review and touch-up is complementary whereas additional filler would be discussed before hand with a clear fee decided.

4) Maintenance

One of the purposes of consultation is to decipher a personal programme to keep you consistently looking and feeling at your best. I will help you plot your personal path to maintaining the best version of you. We will probably meet three to four times a year.