Treating “Smokers Lines” (Lip lines)

Chase them away…before they’re here to stay.

Known as the “crowsfeet of the lower face”, barcoded lip lines, or “Smokers lines” are a pain in the posterior once they are imbedded.

As well as topical treatments, such as peels, resurfacing and prescription retinol, you can intervene with a little treatment we like to call the “Lip Refresh”. It addresses what is happening anatomically.

What is happening anatomically?
Vertical lines form on and around the mouth for three, main reasons:
1) This area does not carry a lot of fat to begin with and, with the passing of years, we lose further fat/collagen and elastin.
2) The area is very dynamic (talking and breathing)
3)The skin becomes stuck to the muscle around the mouth (orbicularis oris), which is a sphincter muscle. This has a draw-string mechanism, effecting vertical lines or “barcodes”.


The Lip Refresh

Under local anaesthetic, the skin is carefully released from the muscle, with the use of a cannula, so that it is not continually pulled, creating a cross hatch of (mostly vertical) lines.  A layer of light hyaluronic acid is then feathered (via the cannula), to create a hydrated sheet between the muscles and the skin, without adding volume. i.e. no “Planet of the Apes”.

The lip border is then delicately reinstated or bolstered, as well as very subtle volume added to the body of the lip, where appropriate. This results in a more hydrated, youthful and fresher impression of the mouth. This acts as both a rejuvenation procedure and a preventative one.

Procedure time:  45 minutes

Fee: £550 (option to pay-in-3)

Maintenance: 4 – 6 months (the intervals between treatments may be extended after a couple of rounds with the skin quality improvement.)