For Men

Wanting to look your best is something to celebrate. Looking happy and healthy makes everybody feel good. Non-surgical treatments for men have become the norm with an exponential rise in customized Botox and filler treatments to retain a naturally youthful look or enhance features.

Botox for men

Some of the most popular treatments are Botox for men, to give a natural, slightly airbrushed appearance. A distinct, more angular chin, jaw and cheek contour. Also illuminating the eye area to blur the appearance of tired eyes with the use of tear trough filler

I treat men from all walks of life. From the partners of my female patients (who end up being more into it than their other halves!) to professionals who want to maintain a fresh appearance – builders, boxers, music producers, models, bankers, accountants – anything goes.

I also have my, much-cherished, gay and transgender clientele.

I treat each and every case individually and will advise on what will be your biggest aesthetic gain, based on what you want to achieve.

Most popular male treatments