Eye Refresh

Eye Refresh

Chemical peel with micro-needling, for rejuvenation of the eye area.

To tighten and brighten the eye area, with specific focus on the upper and lower eyelids.

To improve crepey skin by encouraging fresh collagen and elastin.

Stage one:

A chemical peel solution is applied to the eye area to exfoliate dead skin and stimulate fresh skin. This peel is tailored to the eye area with malic, lactic and ferulic acid. It is applied and   left for 9 minutes, before being removed with water.

Stage two:

The eye area is numbed with a topical, local anaesthetic cream, to ensure the procedure is comfortable. A “dermapen” (electronic micro-needling device) is used, to ensure precision and coverage of the upper and lower lids, as well as the crowsfeet area.

Microneedling triggers the body’s wound healing cascade. Ultimately this creates fresh collagen and elastin. The result is healthier and tighter skin.  A booster serum containing retinol (a topical collagen stimulator) is used with the microneedling. This enables the retinol to be delivered to the dermis (the living part of the skin).

Time: 45 mins
Quantity: 3 procedures, 4-6 weeks apart.
Fee: £450 per treatment
Maintenance: Annual