Facial Slimming

A square jawline is generally associated with a more masculine look.


I see many women who present with large masseter muscles, wanting a more feminine appearance through facial slimming. By using a wrinkle relaxing injection, you are able to soften the masseter muscle, decreasing the muscle bulk, which results in a smaller, more oval and feminine appearance.

The masseter is the muscle that we use for chewing and can be found at the side of the jaw, beneath the ear.

A large masseter muscle can be part of somebody’s natural anatomy or  as a result of teeth grinding, technically known as Bruxism. The latter can be extremely painful as well as damaging to your dental arcade.

The procedure involves a wrinkle relaxer being injected, precisely, into the large masseter muscles, softening their action. This results in slimming the jawline and creating a more feminine appearance.

For teeth grinders, the reduction in action brings blessed relief to tight jaws and the potential for chipping teeth. For those who wish to soften the muscles yet maintain a square/pronounced jaw line, we can maintain the definition with the use of jawline filler.

Masseter reduction or facial slimming is a simple and highly effective procedure, which lasts for approximately 6 months.


The extent to which the muscle is relaxed may be tailored and treatment subtle. As ever, I always work to the individual anatomy of the face


Facial slimming is an extremely popular treatment, simple, painless yet transformative.


Treatment time: 30 minutes

Cost: £550

Longevity: 6 months