Hyaluronidase (Hyalase)

Corrective work for filler “gone wrong”

Sometimes filler treatments may be overdone, or the product misplaced, and it is possible to correct this by dissolving the filler.

One of the brilliant things about hyaluronic acid (HA) is that an undesirable result may be reversed. Hyaluronidase (hyalase) will dissolve HA filler, taking the area back to the way it was before treatment.

Hyalase is a very potent, prescription medication, so the treatment is often done in two or a maximum of three sessions. It can be difficult to treat an area where there is a general swelling, whilst maintaining the “good work” of the filler treatment or keeping an exact balance of the bi-lateral side.

Treatment is easier where there is a distinct lump, rather than a generalised swelling. It is of course possible to reinstate filler if an area needs to be dissolved.

If you want an area of filler dissolved entirely and then reinstated, this would be done at two weeks following resolution of the original filler.

There are a few considerations:

1. We have our own hyaluronic acid in the skin naturally and hyalase cannot distinguish between our own native HA and the HA filler. It will therefore break both down. We replenish our own HA every 24 hours however. This means that the immediate result may dip further than the ultimate outcome, but our natural hyaluronic acid will be restored whilst the filler will be completely resolved.

2. Like all injectable treatments, hyalase may result in bruising and inflammation. It may also cause itching.

3. Hyalase begins working immediately and its action will generally be completed within 48 hours.

4. With the above in mind you cannot dissolve and reconstruct the same area in a single session. Equally if the objective is to resolve a small amount of filler whilst maintaining the rest, two or more conservative sessions would be required.

Common areas for corrective work, using hyalase, are the lips and the tear troughs.

Corrective session: First session: £300
Review: Foc / + second/subsequent sessions: £250
Reinstated filler, charged as per price list.