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juvederm voluma - Lucy Banks, London

The cheeks are the coathanger of the face.

Be it Angelina Jolie or Mads Mikkelsen, there is beauty to behold in the cheekbone. That said, every individual anatomy must be respected to sculpt the perfect cheek for that frame. We want lift and light scatter without chipmunks or “V-for Vendetta” masks!

This is all elegantly doable, which is why non-surgical cheek treatments are exceptionally popular. Everybody will be different in terms of product choice, quantity and placement. Some people want cheekbone enhancement to create contour, others a little more of an “apple cheek”.

My male patients want a touch of deep mid-face filler, where they have lost support, with no perceptible visual change. My beloved gay and transgender patients often like to be feminized with a more feline appearance in the cheekbone.

As well as beautifying the face by enhancing one’s personal ratios of beauty, support in the mid face is imperative (behind the scenes work), as I like to call it. It helps to keep everything anchored and lifted reinstating the essential, anti-gravity volume!

My products or choice are Juvederm Voluma and Juvederm Volift.

Prices: 1ml = £350
2ml = £650
3ml = £900
4ml = £1,100

Maintenance: 12 months approximately
Treatment time: 60 mins (including consult)