From Keira Knightley to Gemma Arterton, Cillian Murphy to James Franko, there is beauty to behold in a the youthful curve of the face or striking contour.

The nuances of individual anatomy must be observed and sculpted without the whiff of a chipmunk or ill-fitting feature. A natural flow to the face, be that gentle curves or angular definition.

Non-surgical cheek treatments are exceptionally popular. Everybody will be different in terms of product choice, quantity and placement. Some people suit gentle cheekbone enhancement and contours, others a little more “cutesy” with an “apple cheek”.

Male patients incline to a touch of deep mid-face filler, to re-drape the tissues, or an angular definition with no perceptible visual change. Gay and transgender patients opt for a more pronounced cheekbone or fuller cheek curve if polishing a more feminine appearance.

As well as beautifying the face by enhancing the cheeks, support in the mid face is imperative. It’s the “behind the scenes work”, helping to keep everything a little more lifted by reinstating essential, anti-gravity volume.



1 syringe= £400

2 syringes = £750

3 syringes = £1050

Maintenance: 12 months +
Treatment time: 60 mins (including consult)