Everyone’s idea of beauty is individual and we very much value the diverse range of people that come through our door.

Different demographics favour different aesthetics and treatments. In our experience our gay patients take exceptionally good care of themselves and embrace the different treatment options with gusto.

Skincare is of great importance as well as preventative ageing. Chin and jawlines are also popular as well as tear troughs and lips.

Our cherished transgender patients present the most some of the most satisfying challenges. Those transitioning from female to male, or male to female, are fantastically enjoyable to work with. We have a personal passion for the nuances that feminise or masculine and are delighted to help people feel more like their real selves.

With male to female trans, the cheeks, nose and lips are of most significance with filler. With female to male, the chin, jawline and forehead.

Using botox, you can slim the masseter muscle, to make a feminine oval shape to the face, as well as giving a brow lift and feminised gulping shape to the eyebrow. For a more masculine brow, you can reduce the lift and produce a flatter shape.