Lip injections (Hyularonic Acid filler)

Lips are a beautiful thing. Whether engaged in a smile or a sultry pout, lovely lips undoubtedly draw the eye.

Whilst fear of the dreaded trout-pout is well placed, lip filler is an incredibly popular treatment because of the beautiful and natural enhancement that may be achieved, using sophisticated products and techniques.

It is vital to respect the individual anatomy of each lip and observe the face and features as a whole to ensure the most alluring   results.

The detail of the lip is far more important than simply adding volume. Observing facial shape and features, as well as the individual character, is vital when beautifying the lips.

If rejuvenating the lips you must consider the entire unit of the lower face, taking into account the surrounding tissues and structures. Shadows at the mouth corners and a downward turn, for example, as well as the appearance of harsh “smokers lines”. A dimpling chin that lacks structure cannot support a truly youthful looking mouth.

Softening, supporting and hydrating the area as a whole is the most effective strategy when rejuvenating.

Lips can be sensitive, which is why a numbing cream is applied 20 minutes prior to treatment. There is also a local anaesthetic in the filler itself to ensure optimum comfort levels are maintained.

Lip filler Definition of volume- £300
Lip filler Definition and Volume – £400
Lip Refresh – Hydration of “barcode lip lines” & definition / volume in the ageing lip – £550

Maintenance: 6 months approx.

Treatment time: 30 mins / 45 mins (Lip Refresh)

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