Liquid face lift

Now that we understand how the face ages we are able to restore structure and volume in a strategic manner that ensures an effective and very natural looking lift.

Rather than having one, homogenous layer of “skin” that goes back to bone, we have a number of demarcated fat pads. Some are deep, attached to bone, and don’t move but erode over time. Some are more superficial and they shift, often separating from each other. Both factors result in the descent of the skin and soft tissues.

Restoring the relevant fat pads at the right depths, with the right products and techniques, helps to maintain support in the inevitable southward journey of the facial contours.

The liquid facelift (also known as the 8-point lift or the Y-lift)  is a comprehensive, non-invasive rejuvenation programme that targets these patterns of volume loss. Using a range of sophisticated fillers, the liquid lift is a refined method of restoring and beautifying the whole face, ensuring a balanced and subtle result.

On the mid face, the treatment addresses cheek structure, volume and definition as well as rejuvenation of the tear trough. On the lower face, shadows of the nose-to-mouth lines are reduced and the marionette lines (mouth corners to jawline) are supported, the chin and jawline shaped and re-strengthened . This softens a “sad mouth” look, recruits tissue from the  jowls and redefines the jawline.

The treatment enhances the structure and contours of the face as well as improving the appearance of the skin. The overall effect is one of brightening the face, smoothing the skin and reducing lines and wrinkles.

The liquid-lift is tailored to each individual, as different people will require varying degrees of support at different points in the face. The lift can be used as prevention, to combat the early signs of soft tissue descent, or as a restorative programme for those with more severe volume loss.

Treatment time: 1hr 15 mins 
Maintenance- 12 months +
Fee: from £1,500