When we look at the overall package of youth and beauty, skin quality is right up there. A youthful skin has elasticity and glow, an even tone and a good texture.

For an all round solution, there is nothing quite like microneedling.

The production of “good” collagen begins tailing off in our late twenties (!) and decade-by-decade the decline continues. Add sun exposure, poor nutrition and partying and our skin becomes increasingly lackluster and crepey.

Microneedling is a way of waking everything up – stimulating an abundance of growth factors that lay down fresh collagen and elastin.

In a younger skin this can be used as an annual (or bi-annual) treatment to keep everything fired up. In mature skins microneedling can be done as an annual course of three treatments (six weeks apart) to soften fine lines and maintain a firmer and more even texture.

Microneedling is an age-old procedure (even cited in the time of Cleopatra) and remains a very popular, and completely natural, treatment today. There is an element of downtime, where you will be red, followed by some dryness, but quickly forgotten as the results shine through.

Following the treatment, appropriate serums will be applied and homecare regime advised.

Microneedling is great for acne scarring / light scarring and sun damaged skin.


Eyes: £200

Face: £350

Face, eyes and neck: £650

Décolletage: £500
Treatment time: 45 -60 mins (including numbing cream)

3 sessions, 4 – 6 weeks apart

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