Nefertiti Lift (“Botox facelift”)


The face has muscles that lift (elevators) and muscles that pull down (depressors).

These muscle groups have an antagonistic relationship, working against each other.

As we age, the downward pull of the depressor muscles becomes stronger. This contributes to a  sad appearance at the mouth corners or an angry look between the brows, for example.

Ideally, we want the face to remain lifted, with positive angles (upturned mouth corners, a lifted brow and so on.).

By resting the downward pull, with some expertly placed botox, it enables the elevator muscles to do a better job of lifting (without the opposition). This way we can improve the jawline and appearance of a “sad” mouth “witchy” chin and “angry” brow.

The nekfertiti lift entails a series of injections that takes into account the muscles of both the upper and lower face to give an overall lift and lighter appearance. This helps to relieve or prevent the negative signs of ageing.

Treatment time: 30 minutes

Cost: £650

Maintenance: 3-4 months