Non-surgical nose job (rhinoplasty)

With a non surgical nose job, It’s amazing how tiny tweaks make all the difference. From dorsal humps to droopy tips, flaring nostrils or flattened nasal bridges – well placed filler and botox to the nose can transform a face

Using hyaluronic acid filler, the nose can be reshaped without the downtime or expense of surgery. Minor deformities are softened, making the nose more symmetrical, blending smoothly with the facial features. The nose is a complicated area, with safety and subtly key. Less is more has never been more.

Some people like to try the non surgical version before taking the plunge on with a surgical rhinoplasty, others need a minor reshape for small deviations. Either way the results are particularly pleasing.

Safety and comfort are paramount with a non surgical nose job, with local anaesthetic injected and a cannula used to reduce risk of complications.


Cost from: £400

Treatment: 45 mins (to include numbing)

60 mins (to include consultation)

Longevity: 12 months +