Tear Troughs (Dark Circles)

Fresh looking eyes are a major asset to the overall appearance of a healthy and youthful looking face.

As we age, most of us develop tear toughs. Some of us have them naturally from a young age (congenital tear trough).

A tear trough is a lack of volume and support around the lower eyelid, forming a groove from the tear duct area (medial canthus) and usually proceeding as a diagonal indentation down the cheek, and/or around the socket of the eye. When we have a groove like this, it casts a shadow, which makes us look tired.

Looking tired is one of the main impetuses for people coming to see me. Whether they feel it or not, they look (or are always being told they look) tired.

By gently injecting fine filler into the tear trough, it plumps the skin and means that the light now bounces off the area (rather than being drawn into the hollow). This illuminates and softens the shadows that have been making us look tired.

In many cases the tear trough goes hand-in-hand with reinstating some gentle mid face volume (giving vertical support) to the lower eyelid. Taking the face as a whole, often volume in other areas has eroded or “gone south” and with it the support it provided. If indicated, Reinstating this is best practice for optimum results.

The skin is very fine around the eye and the treatment must therefore be gentle, often done over two sessions, one month apart. As the area is susceptible to bruising, a cannula (blunt headed needle) is offered to significantly reduce the risk.

Once we have achieved the best result for you, it will last for up to 12 months.



Tear troughs are often done together with structural support, vertically to the mid face and diagonally, lifting from the cheekbones.

Maintenance: 12 months approx.

Treatment time: 60 mins (to include consult)

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