What is Tixel:

Tixel is the latest and (in our opinion, greatest) skin rejuvenation and resurfacing device. Its purpose is to create healthier and smoother looking skin by stimulating fibroblasts and radically reducing damaged surface tissue.

It is powered by a non-laser (non-radiation), non-radiowave energy, called Therma-Mechanical action. Simply put, electricity turned into heat.

Tixel comes as a table top device with a handpiece containing a small plate of 81, titanium pyramids. It is heated to 400°C and the pyramid tips applied to the skin with brief contact (between 5 – 18 Milliseconds).

The process stimulates fibroblasts (growth factors in the skin) creating skin renewal in the dermis with impressive results. There is a double effect on collagen because of the combined heat and micro channelling effect.

What is it good for:

Eye rejuvenation – Tixel may be used right up to the lash line on both upper and lower lids to freshen and lift crepey skin. It may also be used soften crows feet and to generally strengthen the delicate eye area.

Sun damage and skin ageing

Skin tightening

Prevention – a lighter setting to keep collagen stimulated and deliver active products directly to the dermis.





What is the sensation:

One of the major advantages of Tixel is the lack of discomfort and downtime, whilst delivering results comparable with the CO2 laser, historically the gold standard of skin resurfacing.

Non-ablative treatments do not require topical numbing as it is a mere prickle. The same sensation maybe achieved with ablative treatments, following an application of numbing cream.

Totally tolerable.

What is the downtime:

Non-ablative treatments may appear pink immediately after treatment, but mineral make up may be applied and the skin will return to normal by the following morning.

Ablative treatments carry more downtime where the skin may appear mid to deep red immediately after treatment. Again, the redness will subside the next day. Tiny brown sports will be evident where the pyramid tips touch the skin. These are “micro-crusts”, which will naturally exfoliate between around 7 days post treatment.

What is the pre-care and aftercare?

You must stop any active topical products, AHAs or retinols for example, one week before commencing ablative treatment, 3 days before commencing non-ablative treatment.

Full aftercare instructions will be given and gone over at the time of treatment.

Direct UV exposure should be avoided for one month following ablative treatment and factor 50 SPF applied for 3 months following treatment (although it should be used every day, whatever the weather anyway J)

Ablative: 3 sessions 4- 6 weeks apart

Non ablative: 3 – 6 sessions 2 – 4 weeks apart

Maintenance session(s): 12 months, depending on indication.


Per session:

Ablative face and neck: £850

Ablative face: £700

Ablative Eyes: £450

Half face/Neck: £500 

Long lasting effects with results maintained annually.

Treatment time:

Small areas: 45 mins + (including topical numbing*)

Large areas: 60 mins*