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When it comes to peels, the best results we’ve seen are from the tailored range of VIPeels. The VI Peel is suitable for all skin types, with little downtime, and predictable peeling seen at 2-3 days.

The stellar results are seen is little as 7 days.

VI Peels improve the tone, texture and clarity of the skin, removing hyperpigmentation/melasma, sun damage or age spots. There is also a special formulation for acne and acne scarring as well as anti-aging, softening fine lines and stimulating collagen.

The VI peel removes the outer layers of damaged and dead skin to bring about a smoother, softer and more luminous tone and texture.

Depending on your issue(s), the peels are tailored using medical grade ingredients such as TCA, Phenol, Retinol and Vitamin C.

The Process

Once assessed for suitability and indication, our skin health practitioner cleansers the face and applies the your prescription peel. For some it feels hot for 30 seconds, others don’t feel anything, either way it is entirely tolerable.

Immediately afterwards you look a little tanned but can leave the practice with your (never leave home without them) hat and Jackie-O glasses, looking entirely normal. You have a take-home kit with specific instructions for the next 72 hours, removing the solution using a post-peel toilette four hours after the initial application with further easy to follow instructions.

Hydrocortisone cream and SPF 50 are also in the take-home pack to relieve any itching, which is common on the first day, and to protect the fresh skin from UV.

There are a range of prescription products you can purchase on the day to maintain results.
You will see pleasing results from 1 peel although a course of 3 is recommended for the most beautiful result.
Treatment time: 60 mins (complete with initial consultation)
Additional peels: 30 mins

The Reviver (Brightens & Tightens) £275 or VI Peel

The Restorative (Anti-Aging) £315 or VI Peel Precision

The Transformative (Pigmentation) £395 or VI Peel Precision Plus

The Purify (Acne) £275 or VI Peel Purify

The Purify & Correct (Acne & Acne Scars)  £395 or VI Peel Purify Precision Plus

A good homecare routine compliments the clinical treatments beautifully, keeping any visible skin (and by that we mean face, décolletage and hands) perky and protected.

There are a host of products on the market, often packaged prettily with marketing spiel and attractive wrapping but nothing more than a placebo. What you want is cosmeceutical, sometimes prescription, products that work at a cellular level to actually bring changes to the skin.

We have tried many different products and like to pick and choose from the ones we believe deliver the most reliable and effective results. Honestly, skincare routines can be over complicated and keeping it simple is often the most effective course, unless there is a specific concern that needs addressing, such as Acne or pigmentation.

The ranges we choose to stock are VI Aesthetics, Obagi, and ZO with Jane Iredale “Skin care” make-up as the best mineral makeup available. We find that, between them, they offer the best of the bunch. We are always open to new products and keep a beady eye on any new releases that produce consistently excellent results.

For those suffering from pigmentation, perhaps through pregnancy or ongoing sun exposure, our go-to, home system is Obagi Nu Derm. It is a synergistic  system of prescription products that clears pigmentation in any skin type, without the risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Patients who have struggled unsuccessfully with managing their pigment are consistently overjoyed with the results of NuDerm. As long as you’re serious and stick to the course, you’ll get pretty much guaranteed results and extremely healthy skin in the process.