Am I too young for Botox and fillers?

I am a big believer in preventative interventions. Softening a line before it becomes etched, supporting a slight slackening in the skin before it becomes sag, and keeping a fresh and even complexion, turning over an abundant supply of collagen and elastin.

Whilst you can soften and improve the face at any age, maintaining your looks when you’re young is a really smart move.


Botox will soften any fine lines whilst preventing others from forming, and it may also be used artistically. A Botox brow lift to open up the eye and also shorten the appearance of a long forehead (upper facial third). It can also lift the mid brow, to soften or stop the downward pull of the frown, making you look more awake and serene. Equally, if you have really “peaky” eye brows, Botox may be used to soften them.

Another very rejuvenating treatment for younger patients can be the tear trough area. Although often associated with ageing, some of us have, what’s called, a congenital tear trough, where we naturally have a hollow. This is from the medial cants (where you get “sleep” / crusts in your eye) and follows a diagonal path. If you have a hollow there, it casts a shadow. If you plump it gently with filler then the light will bounce off the area, illuminating the “dark circle”.

Keeping a youthful skin is of paramount importance in the youth and beauty package. Ideally, we want well hydrated, blemish free complexion. We have many tricks at our finger tips for achieving this. From peels to even the skin tone and eradicate spots to Profhilo or skin boosters to keep the skin hydrated or light resurfacing and collagen generation, in the form of Tixel.

We can talk about the more robust filler treatments to enhance cheekbones or augment lips, but the above is purely about prevention in the early adult years.

I suppose the question is, what will I look like if I have all of this at 24 by the time I’m 34.

The answer is, the same.