Winter Wonder(ing)

Hello lovely people,


So the end of this, somewhat challenging, year is upon us.


Without exception, everybody I’ve seen has fallen on their face -two, three, four times – in the last 12 months. Frustration, disbelief and/or general exhaustion; it really is a remarkable time to be alive. 


It is showstopping that such a short amount of time out of routine can unbalance life’s carefully constructed juggling act to such an extent. We’ve been forced to shake it up; but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing…


Understandable blips aside, I have witnessed you amazing people dig deep, accept what is currently beyond our control, and find an individual, internal flow to sustain you. This can only be a positive mechanism to integrate forever more. I think the last two years have shown us that, literally, anything could happen. Honing ninja skills to evolve with this state of play is a boon.

Speaking of positives, as we count down through the final part of the year I have some happy news…


Having listened to regular requests for Fridays in London (and recovery time over a weekend), “your wish is my command”.


I have bagged a lovely new London clinic (No. 72 Harley Street) with Friday openings. 


“Oh no you didn’t. Oh yes I did!!”


You don’t even have to rearrange routes or update your address book, as I have moved within the same building. 72 is conjoined with no 70; same house and same fabulous head of house;  the immaculately turned out “Meg”- funky tights, funky nails, shock or white hair and calls everyone darlin – a national treasure if ever there was one.


With only 5 weeks left until Christmas (absolute insanity I know) if you want to see me before the mistletoe is up close, please reach out now. I’m running out of appointments.


I’m taking the boys stateside this year, for a proper white Christmas in New York City, leaving on 21st December and returning in the new year. May I extend a massive thankyou for all of the fabulous recommendations to make it the most magical trip imaginiable.

So, here’s to you, with  a massive bravo for riding the rollercoaster of the last 20 months. Thank you for all of your life stories; your perseverance and courage. Congratulations to those of you who’ve had life changing experiences of ending or beginning relationships, re-training in something completely different and just holding on in there when the stakes are high and the times are tough.


Music has played a huge part in my personal sustenance; be it an orchestral movement to let the shoulders (and the tears) fall, something to outrun a primal scream (if said primal scream will get the police called on you) or just a jolly good bounce!


Listen to: “The Carnival of the Animals. The Swan.” (Camille Saint-Saens)

       “Hounds of Love”, Kate Bush. A classic, and, played loud, I’m streaking through those moonlit woods and throwing my shoes in the lake with gusto!

“Lit Right Now”, Ayo and Teo (Clean). Recommended by Harrison, my bouncy 10 year old.


Read: The Midnight Library, by Matt Haig. Such a pertinent piece for the current climate, charming and entirely original. (Massive shout out to Lady Z and Lady T for this absolute beauty). I listen to my books as I drive into London and this is narrated by the delightful Carey Mulligan; the icing on the cake.


NB: A great call for a Christmas gift is a subscription to – literally the gift that keeps on giving. Every month!


Watch:  Midnight Mass, Netflix (THIS COMES WITH A MASSIVE WARNING!!  IF YOU DON’T DO DARK…THIS WAY, MADNESS LIES). If you do do dark, this is one of the most powerful pieces I’ve come across. The characters, script writing and story are multiple award winning worthy, hands down. (Thank you – I think 😉 – to the wonderful Mr. P)


For some lighter relief, no pun intended, I heartily reccomend “Sex Education”, also on Netflix. The impossibly dewy Gillian Anderson (god, I love her outfits) amongst a host of most talented teenagers pull an absolute blinder in this feel good fantasy. 


As the name suggests, there’s plenty of hanky panky involved, so it comes with an adult content consideration. (Thank you to Mr. M – late to the party maybe, but I’ve watched the whole three series and thoroughly enjoyed it).

If I don’t see you before the fairy lights are in full flow, have an AMAZING CHRISTMAS. 


Lots and lots (and lots) of love,