Women, not girls, rule my world…

Women, not girls, rule my world… (Kiss, Prince – RIP)

He knew!

In recent musings I’ve been considering the tightrope that is ageing, particularly as a woman (as things currently stand). Over numerous illuminating conversations, both the men and women I see, agree – “owning it” as an enlightened women-of-the-world, is a sexy and powerful formula. The French set a wonderful example. Just look at their First Lady, Brigette Macron, rocking it at 70!


The message coming from you, and firmly echoed by me, is clear – You want to look your best – The end! The irony is when people (understandably but tragically) overshoot, they try to hold on too tightly and lose their essence in the process.

Here’s to keeping it classy (and sassy) with the natural aesthetic. Homegrown Gillian Anderson knows it.

An area that scares many of you in this configuration is the lips. More of you seek hydration and softening rather than than significant augmentation. I’ve harnessed Polynucleotides to meet this request, with lovely looking, and feeling, results.

When used in the lips, not only do they look naturally enhanced, but they take on a pleasantly plumped sensation. A kind of ongoing-tingle-that-needs-to-be-kissed type vibe. The ultimate result is your lips, flushed with your collagen. Personally, I’m delighted and encourage you to seriously look into Polynucleotides.

As already expressed, I am a firm fan of/believer in them.

The headlines:

· PN’s are fragments of DNA (taken from salmon sperm) made into a gel that is injected.

· They were originally used to heighten healing in burns cases.

· They regenerate the skin by stimulating growth factor cells, calming inflammatory cells and ultimately stimulating Type 1 (young) collagen.

· You’re left with your own natural volume and healthier looking skin.

The media headlines – “Salmon Sperm Facial”. It’s an obvious hook (pun intended) and has garnered a lot of attention, actually, with good reason.

I’m seeing excellent results with faces, eyes, necks, decs. and now lips.

Gros bisous,

Lucy xXx



Watch: All of us strangers (Prime or Sky)
The impossibly beautiful Andrew Scott effortlessly leads this somewhat dark, somewhat sad, but extremely touching film. The theme, as I interpreted it, is loneliness, love, and our desire for connection. Captured through a sensitive and empathic lens it somehow leaves you feeling “held”. Kudos to director Andrew Haigh.  (Shout out to Mister M).

Ripley (Netflix)
In an entirely different but equally mesmerising performance, Mr Scott (see above) plays a wonderful version of Tom Ripley, in a beautiful film noir adaptation of the original film. With arresting visuals set in 1950s Italy, “Ripley” is a master stroke. (Shout out to Lady R).

The Curse (Apple TV)
If it wasn’t for leading lady, Emma Stone, I’m not sure I would have entertained this series, based on the premise. I did and it had me captivated. Intriguing as opposed to light-watching, it left me feeling a little upside down, as episode-by-episode, it is impossible to predict where it’s headed. It also has some characters that give me “the ick”, but I’ve not seen anything quite like it. There’s much to deconstruct, and some dark comedy moments, so a winner if that’s your thing. (Shout out to Lady C).

Anatomy of a Fall (Amazon Prime or Sky)
Wow! This is one of the best films I’ve ever seen, based on the sublime quality of acting. Another amazing leading lady, Sandra Hüller, is stunning in the role of a writer, wife and mother, who becomes a suspect in her husband’s sudden death. Essentially a courtroom drama, the characters are so well cast and believable that I may as well have been in the courtroom. A fidget-free two and a half hours for me. Unheard of. (Shout out to Lady M).

Push, (Pharoache Monch).
A nice little throwback that helped me to the finishing line of a recent half marathon. (Bucket list firmly ticked). Need a little backup? This is an uplifting reminder about meeting life’s challenges whilst standing firm in your power. Also, a reminder that everybody wobbles, and everybody needs support at times. Choose solid friends, then nurture those relationships. (I clearly had time deliberate that one on my run )

After the Storm (Kali Uchis, featuring Tyler).
In a break from Travis Scott (insert Kanye, insert, when did it all get soooo unoriginal?) my young teenager has been blasting this little number to pleasant effect. More than just the break from the bling-bling tribe, it’s an uplifting and bouncy one that carries a cool message and spins a calming thread.

Read: Mythos (Stephen Fry)
As somebody who loved Classical Studies back in the day, and loves Stephen Fry forever, this was a recommendation that was bound to land. Having not truly engaged with Greek Mythology for a good while (I don’t think Percy Jackson – kids’ films – counts), I found the retelling of the myths fascinating. The caveat is you must be a lover of what is essentially folklore, but it’s a very palatable read – or, in my case, listen.  With the bonus of Stephen Fry narrating, audible takes it as the channel of choice for this one. (Shout out to Mister E).